Charlene is from Monaco, Alberto’s unexpected gesture leaves her speechless

Charlene is from Monaco, Alberto’s unexpected gesture leaves her speechless

Charlene Monaco is always on everyone’s lips. You want a smile or a slightly frowning expression. Or about the inevitable rumors about the now imminent breakup. But the reality looks a little different.

It has always been said that “People in a small town humEven if it was a seemingly enchanted kingdom, the Principality of Monaco It’s a spit of land with a slightly larger population than me 35 thousand peopleless than many Italian provincial capitals.

Charlene and Albert from Monaco – Ansa image –

Is it not for this reason that rumors about Princes Albert and Charlene do not stop for a moment? In these hours, the controversy flared up again in Monte Carlo. Everything revolves around the most important event of the year in the principality, the kingdom that also belonged to the princess Grace Kelly. event is rose dance, one of the many princess legacies that came from Hollywood, one of the events that turned the tiny principality of Monaco into an exclusive outpost frequented by jet-setters. the rose dance Designed and organized by Princess Grace In the 1954.

After her untimely death in 1982, her eldest daughter, W.J Princess CarolineTo organize the big event. The appointment is Saturday, March 25th. Everyone else will be there but her Princess Charlene, But this should not be surprising since there was no good blood between the two of them. Therefore, it is better to avoid embarrassing situations and any unpleasant comments. there Princess Charlene She doesn’t seem at all bothered by this situation either because Prince Albert

Charlene of Monaco and the Prince’s gesture

It’s been like this for two years now. There is not a day when they are not mentioned, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, and there is no news concerning them that is not followed, almost, by the return of the publication, by another who blatantly denies it.

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Charlene and Albert from Monaco – Ansa image –

And so while the French magazine Royot Replays the hypothesis of an imminent separation of the couple on the front page, which forced the palace to make another official denial, defining these rumors.Absolutely unfounded“, According to him RepublicCompletely conflicting news comes from other sources. rotating Deva and Aman Tell us in detail about this news. the March 14, 2023 the Prince Albert has been accomplished 65 years old.

An important milestone that the Prince Regent wants to celebrate in a certain way, giving the Princess a very special gift: Exchange wedding vows againExactly 12 years after the double ceremony, civil on the first of July, Denny on July 2. For Prince Albert, it will also be the best way to celebrate Princess Charlene Now fully recovered after a long illness. News that, if confirmed, would erase in an instant the rumors that haunted and canceled each other in a heartbeat.

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