Ukraine, Kadyrov “fell Lysychansk”, but Kyiv denies this. On Sumy-270 missiles – the world

Ukraine, Kadyrov “fell Lysychansk”, but Kyiv denies this.  On Sumy-270 missiles – the world

Lysychansk fell. The twin city of Severodonetsk, which remained the last outpost of Lugansk occupation, was occupied by pro-Russian forces. “The unit of the allied forces is in the center of Lyschansk,” Interfax news agency quoted Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov as saying. “Private houses in the villages that were attacked are burning one by one. With such a high intensity of bombardment, We only have time for the wounded to recover. Simultaneous fires in several places. We hardly have time to eliminate the large-scale fires in Lysichansk. “Therefore, the governor of Luhansk city Sergei Gaidai describes on Telegram, as reported by The Guardian, the situation in and around Lysychansk where Russian forces launched their last offensive today. The Lysychansk city administration The building is now under the control of the pro-Russian Lugansk militia and Moscow forces, according to a military spokesperson for LPR, The self-proclaimed republic of the region, Andrei Maroshko, in Interfax.” “The city of Lysichansk is under the complete control of the 6th Mechanized Regiment of the Cossack Guards named after Matvey Platov and the allied forces of the Russian army,” said Maroshko. The National Guard in Kyiv denied in a statement to Ukrainian television channels the encirclement of the eastern city of Lysechhansk. And it took control, as the pro-Russians said: Spokesman Ruslan Muzychuk explained Fierce fighting is taking place near the city. Ukrinform reports that. Muzychuk added that the situation in eastern Ukraine is currently more difficult in the Lyschansk and Bakhmut directions, as well as in the Kharkiv region. “In recent days, as evidenced by the reports of the General Staff, the situation has been much more difficult in the Lyschansk and Pakhmotsk directions and in the Kharkiv region. And in the Slovensk direction, the enemy is trying to carry out offensive operations and improve the tactical position. At the same time, there is a great danger of missile and artillery bombardment in the southern and northern regions of Ukraine, including the border areas of the Sumy and Chernihiv regions. Mozychuk also said the National Police and the National Guard are taking steps to strengthen Ukraine’s border regions, including parts of the border with Belarus.

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Meanwhile, the Russian offensive in Ukraine continues unabated, from Mykolaiv to Slovinsk.

Russian forces launched a missile attack on the city of Pavlohrad In the Dnipropetrovsk region. Ukrinform reports that. This was announced by the city council. “An air strike hit Pavlohrad. Services are operating,” the statement said. The city council called on citizens to post pictures and videos of the explosion on the Internet, and urged them to wait for official information.

and powerful explosions I heard in the early hours of this morning in the Ukrainian city MykolaivAccording to Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich in a post on Telegram, he called on residents to stay in shelters. The explosions were preceded by anti-aircraft sirens.

in the area Sumy, in northeastern Ukraine, about 270 missiles of various calibers have been launched in the past 24 hours. This was reported by the regional governor, Dmytro Zevitsky, as reported by the Ukrainian media. The attacks resulted in the injury of a 64-year-old woman in the Shalyginsk region. The governor explained that “the infrastructure was also damaged: civilian houses, farms, electricity networks and a water tower.”

Hit Ukraine, Mykolaiv with cluster bombs

The Russians go Cluster bombs over Slovianskin Donetsk, killed 4 people This was announced by the head of the Civil Military Administration of the city of Sloviansk, Vadim Lyakh, on his Facebook page, UNIAN reported. “Limani small area – he says – was targeted. Parvenkievska, Pedherna, Danilevsky Street. A peaceful private sector where there are no military installations. As a result, four people were killed and seven others were wounded. Sloviansk was hit by cluster bullets. They opened over our heads like fireworks, but instead of From camels they bring death. Such bullets do not cause complete destruction of buildings. But they are very dangerous for people. 90% of the dead and wounded were in the street. ” Liach invited the townspeople to Don’t leave the house “Without urgent need and avoiding gatherings of people.”

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According to the latest report from the UK Ministry of Defense, reported by The Guardian, Russia is making ‘little progress’ on Lysekhansk. According to British intelligence, Russian forces continue to make “slight advances” in the strategic city of Lyschansk in eastern Ukraine with air and artillery strikes in the area. It is likely that Ukrainian forces will continue to block Russian forces in the southeastern suburb of the city.

British intelligence thinks so too The Russian Federation uses old anti-ship missiles during land attacks due to the possibility of reducing the stock of modern weapons. Ukranska Pravda Report. The report warns of the risks of collateral damage as a result of inaccurate targeting of the oldest missiles. “As noted, analysis of CCTV footage – according to Gb intelligence – shows that the missile that hit the Kremenchuk shopping center on June 27, 2022, may have been a Kh-32. This is a modernized version of the missile. Kh-22 from the Soviet era.” According to British intelligence, although the Kh-32 has many improved characteristics over the Kh-22, “it has not yet been improved for accurate engagement of ground targets, especially in urban environments” and “this significantly increases the potential for collateral damage when Targeting. Built-up areas.” According to intelligence, it is also possible that the attacks of June 30, 2022 in the Odessa region were carried out with Kh-22 missiles.

while The Ukrainian armed forces have so far managed to eliminate 35,870 Russian invaders And destroyed 1582 tanks and 800 artillery systems. This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.

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