Strengthening the polar vortex? No, it will weaken with the effects of the weather to be evaluated

Strengthening the polar vortex?  No, it will weaken with the effects of the weather to be evaluated

As you well know, we are heading into a hurricane proof period. Weather conditions will improve and high pressure will return to our regions. Or at least not far from us.

What is the reason for this change? Simple: strengthening the polar vortex. The polar vortex, so far, it’s fair to say, has never been so weak. Then one wonders: How could the North Pole have managed to infiltrate the high-pressure network? Or rather, why did the high pressure push north?

The answer lies in the complex dynamics that can be created at different levels of the atmosphere. For example, the stratosphere – which is higher – is not said to be able to constantly condition the troposphere – which is lower. And this is what happened recently, that is, even though the Polar Vortex froze, the tropospheric air conditioning failed. For a whole series of reasons that may need further investigation.

However, what matters is the outcome. The result is that the North Pole has separated but is now drifting in another direction. Really high pressure. Be careful, because it should be a temporary detour. On the other hand, we are moving towards the last part of winter, the period when the polar vortex begins to age and thus suffers greater attacks from the troposphere.

This means that other winter dynamics can occur in February, likely as a result of the weakening of the vortex itself. The dynamics, however, are cruder than their predecessors, dynamics that, as we have been writing for some time, can lead to a great frostbite.

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Moreover, cold air will begin to flow over Eastern Europe, already in the next few days. Cool air touches our regions and who knows there might not be any surprises right away.

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