OpenAI, a shift at the top: Sam Altman returns to leadership

OpenAI, a shift at the top: Sam Altman returns to leadership

Milan – OpenAI has announced a comeback Sam Altman. After days of chaos, after the co-founder of the startup that developed ChatGpt and in which Microsoft had invested heavily (over $10 billion) was fired, a dramatic shift occurred.

The “initial” agreement, which was announced late in the California evening on Tuesday, stipulates that the CEO will be supported by a new board of directors initially consisting of Brett Taylor (former CEO of Salesforce), Larry Summers (Former US Secretary of the Treasury) H Adam D’Angelo (Former OpenAI Board Member). Details are being finalized.

Too much haste, too little caution about the risks of AI: that’s why OpenAI axed Altman

By Alessandro Longo

Following the board’s decision to fire Altman, hundreds of OpenAI employees (almost all 770 people in attendance) signed a letter threatening to leave the company unless all current members of the board resigned. Microsoft He instead announced the creation of a special division for artificial intelligence, and appointed Altman himself as its head. Meanwhile, the board that ousted Altman has indicated that former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear will take over as CEO of OpenAI, which is clearly not going to happen.

The company and Altman have been at odds over how quickly the foundational intelligence can be developed and thus monetized commercially. There is an important aspect, if we consider that in 2015, OpenAI was born as a non-profit organization for the benefit of humanity, even if it subsequently transformed while maintaining supervision by a non-profit board of directors. From the beginning, many investors have increased pressure to put Altman back in place. It seems that their battle was successful in the end.

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As he pointed out BloombergThe post on OpenAI’s Greg Brockman — who has announced that he also wants to return to the OpenAI fold — and CTO Mira Morattiwho was among those who would have resigned (despite being named interim CEO) in the event of a final falling out with Altman.

“I love OpenAI and everything I’ve done over the past few days has been about preserving this team and its mission,” Altman wrote on X after announcing the return. “When I decided to join Microsoft on Sunday evening, it was clear that this was the best path for me and the team,” he said of Nadella, the Microsoft front man hired to develop artificial intelligence. Now, Altman said that thanks to the “support” of the new OpenAI board and Nadella himself, he is “eager” to “return to OpenAI and build on our strong partnership with Microsoft.”

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