Rare Coins: Do You Have Hidden Assets?

Rare Coins: Do You Have Hidden Assets?

The lira has been out of the market since 2001, the year the euro era officially began. Despite this, there are still many who keep some coins as a souvenir but also for their value. Let’s see which liras are worth more.

there numismatics It is becoming more and more fashionable, as there are currencies that are gaining more and more value over time. Among these there are evidently the ancient Lire, and historical coins from Italian mint. Few people know that it is often possible to have real assets in the basement. Let’s explore this issue together in the next article.

Valuable Coins: How Are They Appreciated?


The value of a coin, as well as its circulation, that is, the number of such issued, depended largely on the state of preservation. This is divided as follows:

  • Dr (separate): for coins with imprinted numbers that can no longer be recognized.
  • B (Beautiful): for coins that are soft due to wear and therefore not very legible.
  • MB (Very pleasant): for coins with strong traces of wear but with the reliefs still quite defined.
  • BB (Beautiful): for worn coins but with details still well defined.
  • SPL (Beautiful): for coins with sharp, detailed relief despite wear.
  • FDC (Uncommon glossy): for coins that do not show any signs of trading and retain the original brightness on the surfaces.

Precious Coins: What Does FDC Mean?

The coin that is worth more is that Uncommon glossyThat is, it is very similar to the terms of its release. All details are visible and there are no signs of wear. They are very rare, but having one in this state could mean having a great fortune.

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500 Lire Three Caravels: What is it worth?

Among the rarest and most sought after 500 Lire editions is the Three caravels. In detail, it is a test copy minted in 1957. Among them, the FDC class can be valuable 12 thousand euros. If it is rated “Outstanding”, it drops to approx 7,500 euros. A coin of the same type in the “beautiful” category deserves four-wheel drive 5 thousand euros.

What are the rarest and most expensive liras?


In addition to 500 lire from the three caravels, There are also other valuable coins. Among these is the 1000 lire issue of 1997, which was printed due to a minting error with Germany still divided. These, in perfect condition, could be worth up to 14 thousand euros.

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