The arsenal found by Mossos in a car in Torridambara

The arsenal found by Mossos in a car in Torridambara

the Mossos de Escodra Investigating the incident that left everyone speechless. They found one An arsenal of weapons In a car and an apartment toridembara Then the two men who were with them entered prisonas you may have known

Catalan police, with patrols from Citizen Security Unit (USC) From the police station toridembaraThey intercepted a car last Friday on Paseo de Miramar in the capital municipality of Bex Jaya with two men aged 20 and 23, both of foreign nationality, who were carrying several real firearms and ammunition, according to what was learned., from sources familiar with the investigation. Agents intercepted the vehicle and identified the two individuals as male, with no known place of residence in Spain. During the inspection, officers found several weapons and activated support patrols to continue searching the car.

Search the car and the apartment

With indications that the two men might be hiding more weapons, they requested permission to search the house where they were staying, where the rest of the confiscated weapons were found. The incident began around seven in the evening and ended at eleven, when they were formally arrested on charges of illegal possession of weapons as well as theft and use of a vehicle; The car they were discovered in is believed to be stolen.

Photo of weapons found in Torridambara/Cedida

Weapons of this type were found, as shown in the photo of the arsenal he was able to access, not common in our house. Three guns intervened, Two assault rifles Black with tactical bars, one Submachine gun Built-in i three Pistols with their corresponding ammo magazines and a large amount of ammo for all weapons. It was also possible to interfere with the research handcuffs, gloves, Broadcastersrollers love Adhesivedevice similar to inhibitor to Frequencies, Gas Pepper And one Martell Orange color

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Both men are in prison

The two men, whose nationalities were not revealed, although it was confirmed that they were foreigners and that they were driving a car with French license plates, were handed over to the Vendrell Magistrate’s Court on Sunday, where the judicial party in Torridambara is based; They both went to prison. Investigations are still underway to clarify the facts and, above all, to determine whether the confiscated weapons are linked to criminal acts known to the security authorities. Catalan police. At the moment, it does not appear to be terrorism related. the Tarragona Information UnitOn whom he would depend if that were the case, he did not take up the case left to him DIC Camp de TarragonaWhich suggests, despite the secrecy of the Catalan police, that this is organized crime. Police also do not rule out that the two men may have other people linked to Torridembara.

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