Twenty years after 9/11, Govt-19 is giving new impetus to the conspirators

According to Heather Bauer, the most important anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was not the collapse of the Twin Towers in the dusty hell of New York, the crash at the Pentagon, or the wreckage of a plane in Pennsylvania.

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The U.S. believes these attacks are the work of the United States, not Al Qaeda, a study that has been widely repeated during events marking the 20th anniversary of the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.

“I fully question everything, and I wonder if any of what we have been told about history is true,” said this housewife from Wisconsin, North America, who firmly believed that COVID-19 did not exist.

She was 14 years old on September 11, 2001. For years, she relied on the “official” version, until she became interested in the conspiracy theories created by the Canaanite movement.

He now believes the attacks were carried out to justify the 2003 Iraq war.

He calls the 9/11 fact movement, which discusses “evidence” on social media, that the towers of the World Trade Center collapsed after a controlled explosion, not because two planes crashed.

One of the most frequently put forward explanations is that “kerosene steel rods cannot melt,” and that the towers needed explosives to fall vertically.

These allegations, which have been made in great detail over the past twenty years, continue to be refuted by the press and documentaries.

As part of the anniversary to discuss September 11, several conferences will be organized with the public, but the origin of the corona virus infection and vaccines.

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Censors say the 17th edition of the “9/11 True Film Festival” in Auckland, California, is rife with misinformation about the virus, including “Plantemic”, which airs two documentaries about the epidemic.

“We have a lot of things to talk about, we only have eight hours,” laments Carol Bruellet, event organizer and founder of Alliance for the Truth in 9/11 in Northern California.

There is no shortage of material. One of the guests, Ken Jenkins, produced dozens of DVDs individually on the attacks, according to the festival’s website.

The 9/11 conspiracy theories first benefited from the cyber explosion and spread much faster than older studies such as the assassination of President Kennedy or Neil Armstrong’s foot on the moon.

“America is a remarkably conspiratorial country,” says Carrot Graf, a journalist and author of a book on the subject.

Through the Internet, these conspiracies made it easier for those who trusted them to build a network of followers.

These theories “arose at an exact moment when online media such as social networks or YouTube allowed people to spread their ideas with determination,” he says.

The Judicial Commission for Inquiry into 9/11 is hosting an online conference for the 20th anniversary, which will also discuss Govt-19.

The event is being dubbed “9/11 Anthrax to Epidemic” after envelopes containing this deadly substance were sent to politicians and journalists for a few weeks in September 2001.

Commission attorney Mick Harrison assures that the connection between Anthrax and Govt is clear.

“As we explore the United States’ work on biological weapons, we are concerned that there may be problems with the use of these weapons in the country at this time,” he said.

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For Ms. Boyer and Mr. Harrison, it is a civil duty to deal with the official version of the attacks.

“I try to make the government more democratic, more accountable and more transparent to improve this country,” says Mick Harrison.

September 11 “presents a big problem because we still do not know the truth about what happened”.

President Joe Biden’s decision to declare some documents from the investigation into the attacks and the possible liability of Saudi Arabia could dispel suspicions … or re-create conspiracy theories.

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