“The church must be more open to women.”

“The church must be more open to women.”

Church has always been viewed as a space directed and also intended for people of a certain age. Over time and Society developmentHowever, there are young people who are joining the religious world.

This is the case of Joan and Chiara, aged 31 and 33 respectively, who have been for a few months Pastoral leaders From the parish of Santa Maria de Cubelles in the Garraf area. the I don’t know Ana Valhonista, from RAC1, was able to speak with them to get to know their history and experience better.

What are your duties in the parish?

As they explain, to them Very diverse jobs for In one day they can serve one person who “comes to receive a baptismal certificate” and another who “wants the child to receive communion.”

Its mission can be summarized as: “They decided the direction they wanted the parish to take.”. For this reason, although “we decide important matters that would normally only be decided by a consultant,” they claim They have meetings With him to coordinate the work.

But in the end, Summarize their work In one sentence: “We are the eyes and ears of the university president when he is not there.” It is a task for which they are not paid, although they have been offered to come and live there, as a thank you Copellis rectory.

The Diocese of Santa María de Cubelles is the first diocese to have a young couple with pastoral duties

So, as Joan stresses, that is the issue unprecedented since then It is the first time “that a young couple has undertaken this task in a parish of such large proportions.”

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However, they hope that what happened to them in Cubelles will spread To other municipalities“It’s important for people to get a little involved in parish life,” they explain. In this sense, they also point out that Pope Francis is helped by the fact that “The role of the laity Be more important” in the church.

We are the eyes and ears of the university president when he is not there

Youth interest

Although there is practically nothing that they started with this work, they confirm that “They feel very attached By Monsignor Agusti and all the people of the city.” Encouragement and assistance What they receive is very important to them because in this way it “comforts them in their work and role.”

“Some young people have become interested, They have some curiosity “And they ask a lot,” Joan commented. In this sense, in order to introduce them to this world, his goal is to make them realize that they are… “They are ordinary people” Who “have their lives but combine it with the pastoral work of service.”

Its connection to religion

Joan and Chiara were like that Related to religion Or the church world for a long time. “The Catholic faith came to me from a very early age,” he says, while Chiara explains, “She was a catechist in Italy and led a parish choir.” Now, fortunately, They can dedicate it together.

Joan and Chiara, in the parish of Santa Maria de Cubelles RAC1

However, remember the moment they connected with Family and friends Those who will act as pastoral leaders of the parish confirm this in the face of feedback “There was everything”.

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“Some were very happy with the appointment,” Joan explains. They even imagined it Because they saw their high level of participation. But others have “stopped” even though they are already there now They digested it and accepted it.

future prospects

Looking to the Future, Joan Vol Become a deacon For “the service of the priest during liturgical celebrations.” This way you can manage Some secrets At the same time, he will be “in great contact with people.” Chiara, for her part, wants to be “Always helping the parish”.

Many parishes are alive thanks to us, women

The church should be more open to women

However, they also hope that the church will open up more and more towards women ever sinceAs Chiara says: “Many parishes live thanks to us.” In this sense, they ensure women’s access to… A very important role in the churchbut this person has never been identified.

“Ignoring women means ignoring A More than half of the population “It also aims to avoid the approximately 70% of parishioners who come to us,” says Joan, adding that women “must have The most important and noticeable role“.

Retrieve the conversation with Joan and Chiaraa marriage that takes care Diocese of Cubellesthe I don’t know From RAC1, with Anna Valhonista.

Interview – Chiara and Joan, the young lay couple who run the Diocese of Cubelles

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