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An issue that could add to the embarrassment of Boris Johnson’s government, which has already been criticized for the uncertainty with which it is moving against the virus

no c’ varante Omicron Che dick. the Queen Elizabeth
And, this year, he has no intention of forgoing the traditional pre-Christmas lunch with the entire royal family: an event they must attend around. 50 relatives Between children, great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, first-cousins ​​and first-cousins. An appointment that the King is particularly interested in, which was skipped last year because the entire UK was in lockdown, is in fact scheduled regularly Next Tuesday, December 21 at Windsor Castle, where Elizabeth has now resided since March 2020. Then the next day, as it has been for more than 80 years (except during periods of war and epidemic), You will move into the Sandringham property In Norfolk for the holidays. No more train, but helicopter this year.

According to reports from daily MailSome attempts to invite Elizabeth to forgo a grand family reunion this year have also been rejected on the dispatcher, and unless canceled at the last minute, the Queen strongly intends respect for tradition
. Moreover, it is First Christmas without Prince Philip: Elisabetta shared with him the months of solitude in Windsor which were also the last months of the life of the Duke of Edinburgh. So the Queen’s will is understandable even if it’s a gamble. Which is likely to create a file More embarrassment In the state and government of Boris Johnson is already in a crisis of credibility, in the days when, due to the spread of the Omicron variant (yesterday in the UK, they recorded BD 59mila casi and 150 deaths) new restrictions for individual liberties. In compliance with what the Prime Minister called him plan B against covid. Plan that for many is not enough.

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In fact, while you are in Scotland (The country of the United Kingdom where Elizabeth is still the Head of State), Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon He has already told citizens to avoid family reunions with more than three adults before Christmas, according to the assessment of several British MPs. Not severe enough Johnson government measures (which call for smart action a kind of green lane for big events and discos) and also require England greater intensity on the Scottish model.

Not only. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Still trying hard to get rid of the scandal For my so-called Christmas parties, which was organized by Dowing Street employees last year in open violation of anti-Covid rules and cost the resignation of government adviser Allegra Stratton.

In short, the Queen’s “Party of Fifty” might seem inappropriate at this point. But after weeks during which she was forced into isolation and comfort by doctors, this meeting presents an opportunity for her to see at least three of the four great-grandchildren born last year (in all Elizabeth has 11 great-grandchildren): August, the eldest son of Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, Lucas, son of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, E Siena, the eldest daughter of Beatrice and Eduardo. I definitely won’t see LilibethHarry and Meghan Markle’s second child: Sussex will remain in the US for the Christmas holidays.

Sources from Buckingham Palace revealed that the organization is going as planned and that everything is ready to welcome the 50th Relatives The Queen, Tuesday, at Windsor, where, in addition, due to the size of the castle halls, the rules of spacing are very easy to apply. But, as some sources indicate in daily Mail and all the sun, given the situation, seeing sense of responsibility Which royals are asked first and foremost, except for the possibility of canceling the event at the last minute. With all due respect to the Queen.

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