“Vaccines allow us to live wisely while maintaining relationships with people”

Bishop of Treviso Michel TomasiOn the usual date before Christmas, He wanted to strongly assert his confidence in science and in the vaccination campaign. It is an essential topic for the restoration and revitalization of the territory (national and local) e Monsignor Tomasi stepped in to support health workers, communications and law enforcement, saying he believed in respecting the rules and everyone’s responsibility.

A second Christmas will be difficult in the name of restrictions and with a focus on containing the spread of the virus.

A year ago, a few days after Christmas, the vaccination campaign began. This was good news: Vaccines allow us to live wisely while maintaining relationships with people. We still have many tests ahead, it’s not a life without ideas, but Communities can come together by the rules.”

Social tensions are the most worrisome component: “I think it is important not to exacerbate and not increase the conflicts we are witnessing today. Conflict does not lead to a result. Social harmony does not abolish the democratic debate, nor does it provide for the elimination of the opponent. Calm, patience and reflection are needed. Provocations should not be accepted, but no act of violence or discrimination can be justified. Attacks cannot be accepted, or indicating the address of institutions and inviting others to continue protesting under the homes of those with other ideas (reference to the governor Luca Zaya, in sight of the collections no fax, editor). There are people who are afraid, and they simply cannot be asked not to be afraid. They should be accompanied, welcome, and receive answers from those with competence. We should not overestimate ideology, the majority of people are committed and rely on doctors and professionals who can help manage this difficult time. I trust them.”

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Faith and science, at this moment, go hand in hand: “As Pope John Paul II, who has not experienced this pandemic, said, “Science and faith are two wings of truth.” Together, not separately. We must give clear messages, publish serious and true news, and not rely on social bubbles.“. On vaccinations, he asks all believers in the diocese to “trust the doctors, the authorities, and the workers every day against the epidemic; there are no vague interests, they work for us all.”

Archbishop Tomasi places great emphasis on communication and dialogue that is created for the common good: “The Church is also a communications agency, it conveys the good news. Our parishes are places where they encounter society, and Treviso and our diocese have shown that they know how to interact.”

He became a bishop in Treviso in October 2019, and had a few months of “normality” before the pandemic restrictions.

Monsignor Tomasi said: “Coming here is an undeserved gift that I still enjoy, and I am very happy to be in Treviso. Beautiful, lively and dynamic reality, with a very well organized and participatory church. It is a very integrated and specific land, which addresses issues to solve. Smart land in the practical sense of managing daily events. A place where the quality of life is high for many people, where there are many healthy businesses. It is a hospitable land that does not fear the world and has great potential for growth. The hope for the future is that he can do more as a team to make better than what is there now.”

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The bishop wanted to dedicate an idea to those who are alone, to those guests of the RSA, to those who live in solitude: “She was suspended, due to an injury, for three months. I thought about how many people live like this, who feel or live alone. It’s the hardest thing. We should dedicate ourselves to themFinally, best wishes to the Treviso community: “Happy birthday, so that it is as peaceful as possible, according to the rules but the rediscovery of a part of our community, which we were prevented last year in the absence of vaccinations. Christmas asks us to care about others.”

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