Veronica Gentile, none other than Travaglio! Real flame really is and it’s beautiful

Veronica Gentile, none other than Travaglio!  Real flame really is and it’s beautiful
Veronica Gentile –

Despite the rumors circulating recently, in reality there will be no courtship between Marco Travaglio and Veronica Gentile. Here she was caught with her boyfriend. she is really beautiful…

Veronica Gentile has become a well-known TV personality in just a few short yearsThanks to his participation in Le Iene program. Moreover, he also works as a journalist She also occasionally collaborates with Il Fatto Quotidiano.

A law graduate, on a well-known investigative journalism program, I stand out very directly and For the ability to delicately deal with problems that are not always easy It is often controversial.

However, recently, some rumors have started circulating regarding his alleged flirtation with Veronica Gentile with one of the most famous Italian press pens, Marco Travaglio. In fact, there appears to be only a professional relationship between the two, having collaborated on the magazine the journalist founded.

Furthermore, to make sure there is nothing between the two, there are some stolen shots with his flame. This is a friend of the journalist And he really is a lovely guy.

Veronica Gentile with her flame: not Marco Travaglio

In recent weeks, the news has intrigued the Italian press world, namely An alleged affair between 41-year-old Veronica Gentile and fifty-eight-year-old Marco Travaglio. In fact, the two were seen sharing a press kiss in the Eternal City. It seems that the newspaper Diva e Donna spread the rumors. However, this will not be entirely the case.

actually, Le Iene announcer and Il Fatto Quotidiano manager are friends For many years, it was precisely thanks to their cooperation that the newspaper founded by the journalist soon began. Furthermore, Marco Travaglio has been married to Isabella for more than 30 years and has two children, Alessandro and Elisa. However, the gossip that inflamed the media seems to have no real confirmation And in fact, Veronica Gentile was recently caught with her beautiful boyfriend. This is a journalist’s buddy.

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Veronica Gentile’s companion –

Veronica Gentile’s partner

from a magazine He immortalized Veronica Gentile with his true flame, or Massimo Gallimberti. The man appears to be about 50 years old and a university professor at Rome Tree.

The two were immortalized while on the beach together And enjoy their free time to relax. In photos published by the newspaper, the couple exchange sweet effusions that no longer leave any doubt. The guy is really nice And charming.

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