June 6, 2023

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Trump will run for president of the United States, announcement will come after mid-term 2022

The indiscretion of the official British press. The official announcement of the American businessman, who will compete for the White House for the third time, must arrive before “Thanksgiving.”

Donald Trump will be back on for White House The official announcement will come after that Mid-term 2022. Indiscretion is authentic Reuters Which cites three close – and anonymous – advisers to the former US president. After the victory in 2016 over Hillary Clinton and the defeat four years later Joe BidenTrump will attempt a third time, aiming to return to the “Oval Office” of Washington in 2024.

Reuters highlights how the New York businessman stormed all of his key collaborators with phone calls to assess all possible scenarios and understand the best time to announce. In the meantime, he wants to take advantage of the expected Republican victories in midterm elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, three of his advisers said.

“I think it’s like a moth drawn to a fire, Trump will race in 2024“I think he wants to run and announce before .,” a senior adviser told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity Thanksgiving It gives him a huge advantage over his opponents.”

So the strategy is to play against his opponents and present himself as a candidate in a few weeks. “A source familiar with Trump’s plans said he intends to announce his re-election campaign shortly after Tuesday’s election, and has questioned his potential team,” Reuters wrote.

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According to the latest electoral polls, it is very likely that it will happen in the middle of 2022 i Republicans get a majority in roomwith a good chance of controlling Senate. And so they will certainly try to influence President Biden’s foreign policy, not only with a view to modifying his work but also to obstruct his electoral agenda in light of the presidential election in November 2024.