“America risks chaos” – Corriere.it

“America risks chaos” – Corriere.it
From Giuseppe Sarsina

The President: “Democracy is at stake in the elections.” Already formed a committee to re-nominate him in 2024

from our reporter
Washington –
America risks “falling into chaos.” elections mid-term November 8 is different from the others: “This time, democracy itself is at stake.” Joe Biden ramps up his campaign size to the maxTrying to reverse a trend that seems favorable to Republicans.

But these words, spoken on Wednesday evening, November 2, at the Columbus Club of Washington, set the stage for the next step: Biden will run for a second term in 2024. On several occasions, the president has hinted that he will announce his decision after the election date next week. In fact, he has already formed his own electoral commission, entrusting it to Jane O’Malley Dillon, White House deputy chief of staff, Ron Klein. Jane, 47, spearheaded Biden’s 2020 campaign after trying to get former Texas congressman Peto O’Rourke to the groundbreaking Democratic primary.

Barring surprises, the move by Biden, 80, on November 20, should automatically eliminate potential suitors from the Democratic Party’s broad core region, beginning with Vice President Kamala Harris. On the other hand, the scenario on the left of the party is more open. Senator Bernie Sanders, 81, will consider the challenge again, and this will be the third time, as a representative of the progressive establishment. We will see if the new forces advance in the coming months.

Thus, the most likely scenario at the moment is a new clash between Biden and Trump. Here, then, the current president attacks his predecessor in all areas. Trump is directly responsible, the moral instigator of the wave of threats and violence sweeping through American politics. Biden recalled the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi and of course the January 6 riots: “American democracy is under siege because the defeated ex-president refuses to accept the 2020 result… This ‘big lie’ is the root of the violence and intimidation of the past two years.”

A recent Common Good poll with Emerson College Polling notes that a third of Americans “sometimes political violence is justified.” But Biden is convinced that “for the vast majority of citizens there should be no room” for abuse, bullying or illegality. The problem, however, is that the “Make America Great Again” Trumpists, despite being in the minority, are the “driving force” of the Republican Party. More than 300 candidates will be presented in the upcoming elections Those who spread the “big lie”. Biden fears, in this case, that they will not admit defeat, sowing “chaos and strife.” Conclusion: “The battle we are fighting is a battle for democracy, for the soul of America.”

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