If you see a can of Coke in your car, be on the alert immediately: call the police immediately

If you see a can of Coke in your car, be on the alert immediately: call the police immediately

Someone kicked a can of Coke and it happened to be in your car. “Ah.. these kids are half thugs.” Maybe that’s what you’ll think of when you find a can in that place, but that’s where you take a lot of risk.

Realize this first, because you won’t see a tray placed in the doorway between the fender and wheel right away, especially on the passenger side. What will most likely happen is that you will start the car with peace of mind, and it will start moving forward. At this point you will hear a loud sound coming from just under the car.

A careful and careful driver knows very well that in the event of strong mechanical noise coming from the car, it is better to stop immediately: there is a risk of aggravating the situation in the event of a mechanical failure or an obstacle preventing the car from moving . The temptation is to get out of the car to inspect the engine compartment. But that’s what you don’t have to do on this particular occasion, and now we’ll explain why too.

Car thieves come in all kinds of colors every time. Forget the classic car theft tactics. Also because they all know them and it is natural that motorists now become more vigilant and cautious. It follows that thieves must increasingly seek to find new tricks to blow up the car under our noses, under the pretext or trap, surprising us.

The Coke Can method where they blow up the car under your nose

Thieves often use simple and strange, but most often effective methods. From the classic help request for a car in need of repair, to the method of locking on the door. In the first case, the thief acts with a partner: the latter is the one in whom the car breaks down and begins to break down and ask for help. The driver is drawn into the spider’s web and while distracted by the imaginary engine malfunction, the real thief gets to work: he gets into our car and takes it away with ease if we’re not careful not to leave the keys on the car. picture.

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can wheel car

It works the same way Coca-Cola can, and if we want it more efficiently for thieves, because it does not require the presence of a partner. The theft mechanism is as simple as it is ingenious: a canister is pushed under the car and makes a loud noise when the driver begins to drive the car. After being alerted by a loud noise, the latter quickly stops to check the fault in the steering column. Most of the time he does it in a hurry, leaving the car open with the keys hanging. At this point, the thief intervenes and proceeds to finish the theft with the following movement: he enters the passenger compartment of our car by starting the engine, while the driver, who has remained near the hood, will helplessly steal his car. Sentences.

Since this happens to many, we recommend always removing the keys and closing the doors even for short stops in the vicinity.

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