Truck Secret and Harsh Disciplinary Action – Big Brother VIP

Truck Secret and Harsh Disciplinary Action – Big Brother VIP

The mystery of the black jacket shown by the presenter at the beginning of the broadcast deepens. What will be inside?

Before revealing it, Alfonso said that during the night before, there were four VIPs as well EdwardAnd TavasiAnd Nicole And Mikul – They behaved incorrectly, and precisely because of this, an action is coming for them.

Apparently, the competitors decided to dodge their microphones and unplug the ambient mic inside the truck, and in the belief that they wouldn’t be filmed, they indulged in unpleasant conversations and comments.

“Some of you have broken the Big Brother rules.” Alfonso comments and explains that while Micol and Tavasi unplugged the ambient microphone, Eduardo and Nicole reported information from the outside to the House of Representatives.

After what we’ve seen, it’s time for the contenders to find out what Big Brother has in store for them.

“From the pictures we saw tonight it is clear that some wrongdoing has been committed. The most dangerous of them is tampering with the house microphone – the truck microphone – thinking it will not be detected. This evening Tavasi and Mikul were the House favorites I nominated – and therefore immune – but For these reasons their immunity is revoked and they have a completely different outcome: Tavasi and Micol will go on TV from the office. Eduardo and Nicole, for reasons they have admitted, will also go on TV from the office “.

What will be the fate of the important characters?

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