Dacia do you know what is cheaper? The price is amazing

Dacia do you know what is cheaper?  The price is amazing

Dacia has its main strength in the great economy of its models. Here is the one that costs the least of all.

The Dacia phenomenon has been driving the world off four-wheelers for years now. Romanian manufacturer, part of the group Renault, whose engines are mounted, sell more than anyone else in Europe, and today we will tell you about the most affordable model, which also has good performance on its part. Obviously it will not have file aestheticsAudi or one Mercedesbut these days you have to settle for a quality product.

Dacia here is the least expensive (Adobe Stock)

Dacia continues to generate record profits, and its popularity is growing not only in Italy, but throughout the old continent. The brand owned by the House of the lozenge is really well positioned from all points of view and now we are going to find out the cheapest car that it offers in its range.

Dacia, this is the cheapest of all costs

As you well know, the car market is going through a big crisis, and this has led to all the different manufacturers raising their purchase prices exponentially.. The least expensive car on the market is a single car Dashaboth in terms of heat and electricity, and among combustion, Sandero stands out.

According to official data, the lowest price starts at 11,700 euros, and it should come as no surprise that this has been the best-selling car in Italy for a long time now. It is a class B car produced by the group Renaultof which the Romanian brand is part, based on the old Logan.

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The car is sold in both the European market and the Brazilian one, and in fact there are two places where it was built. In Miovine, in Romania, the product that is marketed in the old continent is manufactured, while the Brazilian version was born in the South American country, this is to save labor and transportation.

Dacia Sandero was born at the end of 2007, to be marketed thereafter starting from the months following its launch. As mentioned, the base is the base Logan, with 70% of the mechanical parts in common. In total, three versions were produced, the first of which was produced until 2012.

Later, the second series came into the world which was the final jump brought Dasha To be one of the best selling cars in Italy and Europe. The third was born starting in 2020 and is currently available in different versions. The engines are all derivation Renaultand has been for sale since March 2021.

In its construction, Renault Planar was used Clio is the fifth generation, and already in July two years ago it became the best-selling car in all of Europe – a truly remarkable achievement. the engine Renault Three cylinders are the great novelty of this version, and there are petrol and LPG versions. A small restyling arrives in June 2022, with the new logo for the Eastern European home debuting.

It must be said that even its performance is not bad considering the price at which it is sold, since the less powerful version pushes its 67 hp to 158 km / h. The 67 version reaches 175 km / h, while the most powerful version, which has 74 hp, reaches a very impressive top speed of 183 km / h, even in the LPG version.

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In short, in a period of crisis like the one we are going through, Sandero is really the right choice for those who want a high quality product, with good performance and a very reasonable price. As for the electric car, the Romanian brand still excels with regard to the most affordable car, which is the spring that starts at 20,703 euros, and it is another excellent opportunity to enter the world of sustainable mobility by spending a not scary amount.

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