Trappola Capannelle, the giant traffic jam after the Arctic Monkeys’ record concert

Trappola Capannelle, the giant traffic jam after the Arctic Monkeys’ record concert

There were 35,000 spectators at yesterday’s concert by Arctic Monkeys for Rock in Rome, at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle. Much much more. At no other live show have there been so many. But there may have been many more.

Not for safety or space issues under the platform, but for problems with traffic around the site. If the queues for cars and scooters at the time of arrival were budgeted by the organizers – who, in fact, invited the audience to go to the place in advance – and managed more or less without problems, then everything turned out to be more despite the fact that there was Up to six car parks are located around the area.

But it was not so much the presence of spaces as the complete absence of flow management. In fact, on social networks many have complained of waiting more than two hours to be able to enter the street on the way back, confirming how the first and most popular car park you encounter is in Appia Nuova coming from Raccordo – parking for the whole evening costs ten euros For the five you pay in the entrance near the main entrance, and there is only dirt, no asphalt at all – if only one exit, and moreover without staff dedicated to the outflow. Left to their own devices, the spectators had to line themselves up as best they could, and ended up walking out until after two o’clock in the morning, two and a half hours after the concert had finished.

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But it is a problem, this only exit that the storm takes, which also affects to a lesser extent other, smaller areas of the region, to which, among other things, must be added the traffic that arises in time at the crossroads between Via Appia Nuova and Via delle Capannelle. There, 35,000 paying guests felt like everyone else. And it wasn’t even the first time: in 2022, among other things, Blanco’s fans had the same fate, that is, to remain “locked” for two hours in the large dirt car park of the Hippodrome, and then to stand in line at the ‘” Appia Nova “Waiting to go home.

Presenting this year’s edition of Rock in Rome, the organizers announced that they have worked on feasibility and have also made special trains available to be able to return to Termini. These are not missing. But two months later, for those arriving by their own means, getting out of the Cabanel is still an adventure.

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