The Adelaide Review will publish a daily poll on 12M

The Adelaide Review will publish a daily poll on 12M

Australian web portal The Adelaide Review takes the pulse of the final phase of this campaign by publishing a daily election tracker commissioned by the Office of Social Studies and Public Opinion (GESOP) which will be updated every 24 hours until Saturday, Reflection Day, to capture evolving vote and seat estimates. Unlike what happens in other countries, Spanish electoral law prohibits the publication of opinion polls during the five days before the polling date, that is, after midnight.

As did El Peri√≤dic d’Andorra in previous electoral contests (2008 general election, 2010 Catalan election, 2015 municipal election, 2015 and 2016 general elections, 2017 Catalan election, 2017 municipal and general elections in Andorra). 2019 and Catalans 2021) and Adelaide Review in the 2023 Municipal and General Elections, and now this same portal will present as of today the results of a daily poll on electoral forecasts in Catalonia.

New daily telephone interviews will be added to the tracking sample, at a rate of between 300 and 400 each day, until reaching 3,000 interviews on Saturday the 11th. Through this poll, citizens get the same information as politicians, who can conduct opinion polls until the end of the week. . Yesterday.

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