New ZD D2s 2023, the pros and cons of the interesting city car at 14 thousand euros is already on sale in Italy

New ZD D2s 2023, the pros and cons of the interesting city car at 14 thousand euros is already on sale in Italy

ZD Italy It is quickly emerging as a sought-after brand in the market for zero-emission small cars and electric vehicles, a sector that is constantly growing. model ZD D2S It is an all-electric quad bike, classified as L7e class vehicle, which provides an ideal solution for fast commuting in crowded urban areas. this Small car Of Chinese origin, it is available in five variants, two of which can be driven with a type B1 licence. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Pros and Cons of the New 2023 ZD D2s
  • ZD D2s 2023, aim to conquer Italy

Pros and Cons of the New 2023 ZD D2s

The ZD D2S is par excellence urban ingenuity Thanks to its compact dimensions – 281 cm long and 150 cm wide – it is flexible in traffic and easy to park. Electric traction ensures a smooth and silent ride, provides a comfortable experience thanks to the lack of a gearbox, allows access to restricted traffic areas and the possibility of free parking in many municipalities.

These positive characteristics are shared with other small cars, however ZD D2S It is characterized by its homologation-oriented design as a car, with stricter safety requirements than quad bikes. It inherits the adjustable suspension and steering with electric power steering and the brake system with anti-lock brake system and regenerative braking system from higher class vehicles.

cockpit advance sedan-like comfort, with comfortable seats upholstered in synthetic leather and the use of digital solutions for the dashboard and infotainment screen that includes Android, Bluetooth, navigation function and rear view camera. Standard equipment includes central locking, keyless start, driver airbag, steering wheel controls, alloy wheels, and electric windows and mirrors.

The three versions differ in Approved electrical system. The Gecko version features a 13kW motor and 10kWh batteries that can be recharged in 4 hours, and offers a range of up to 120km.

ZD D2s 2023, aim to conquer Italy

there ZD vehicle range It offers ideal solutions for everyday use in urban contexts, ensuring high maneuverability, safety and sustainability. Among the options available, it is possible to choose vehicles certified as category M1 (Owl and Bee) or heavy quad bikes category L7 (Colibri, Ant, Geko) which can be driven by drivers who have obtained a type B1 license, including those who are 16 years old .

The Ant (at €19,500) offers increased battery capacity to 17 kWh, providing an additional 60 km of range, and features a motor unit rated at 15 kW, peaking at 30 kW.

The same engine is used in the Colibrì (20,900 euros) which is equipped with 27 kWh accumulators, allowing flights with a range of up to 280 kilometres. The D2S, imported by ZD Italia, is available in M1 (car) trim with a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour and offers two trim levels: bee (price 19,900 euros) with a range of 180 km and owl (price 23,900 euros) with a range of 240 km.

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