Training of the first Ukrainian fighter pilots begins in the United States –

Training of the first Ukrainian fighter pilots begins in the United States –

For now, they won’t cross American airspace or even over Ukraine, however They will be sitting in the F16 simulator at the base in Tucson, Arizona. In order to “get to know” the model, they explain. we will see. They are the first Ukrainian pilots to reach Southwest America. the forefront of the program.

there The White House is under pressure from Democrats and (some) Republicans to supply the fighters. He delayed the decision and rumors were leaked several times about a green light coming from Joe Biden. Volodymyr Zelensky’s collaborators, also to force them, announced that sooner or later the planes would be guaranteed. And so The pair of pilots sent from Kiev could be the start of the flight. Network revealed NBCAbout ten will arrive soon, a patrol of about 30 has been selected for a long time. The former will attempt “virtual” maneuvers, so they will likely act as coaches, with their fellow Americans, for the others. Once they have learned the techniques, aspects and “knowledge” of the aircraft they will move on to the next stage. Long journey though. The Pentagon assumed 12 to 18 months of training as a minimumfollowed by combat preparations in a theater where the Ukraine outnumbered. Added to this is the logistical componentthough critically important: setting up mechanics, fixtures, and parts.

The anchor’s discoveries come within A framework with many well-defined aspects.

1) for decades The Air Force is actively cooperatingMuch of the work was done by the 144th Wing of the California Air National Guard, with crew exchanges, joint maneuvers, and study. Nothing secret, all documented by articles and photos.

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2) In July, Congress approved $100 million for the training Ukrainians in the United States and “elsewhere” about the possible use of F15 and F16 missiles, and the use of Aim 9X2 and Aim 9M missiles.

3) A few months ago, a high-ranking source in Kiev had specified: According to the Lend-Lease Agreement with Washington, it will be It is possible to “tip” our employees even on equipment that has not yet been supplied. So it can also apply, again as a principle, to airplanes.

When we started talking about the F16 for Ukraine, some sources confirmed, perhaps on the cue from those who wanted to slow down, Possible difficulties in managing new devices, the need to have facilities capable of accommodating the “new”, “far” machines from the MiG so far in the hands of the Kiev Air Force. And to protect them. Those who remember their objections are dismissed How Zelensky’s air force survived the first blow of the invaders And continue to work even with restrictions. Aircraft were scattered on the eve of the invasion to prevent their destruction, and were often deployed to temporary bases. Tactics yesterday said a long report by The New York Times On the old Mi 24, Mi 8 and Mi 17 helicopters, an article that is also an indirect message: If you give us the right tools, we can be successful.

On the contrary, the experts have I harshly judged Putin’s aviation behavior. With an advantage in numbers – nearly 500 aircraft – and equipment, it failed to establish supremacy and lost many assets. Its pilots revealed shortcomings and little habit of operating with coordinated maneuvers, and there weren’t many accurate weapons available. The Russians, who also announced that they had neutralized a large part of the anti-aircraft shield in the first 48 hours, They were forced to reduce sorties to support the troops. Then, Moscow relied on kamikaze missiles and drones to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure, a solution that saves aircrews and allows cruise bombs to be launched from great distances. And just in these hours it was leaked The invaders had dropped a thousand-kilogram bomb for the first timeUpab 1500B, suitable against well-protected targets.

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