In New York, a Marine grabs and strangles a homeless man

In New York, a Marine grabs and strangles a homeless man

Shocking new video shakes the United States: Nila New York subway a homeless of color He was grabbed by the throat by a young marine until he was done He died of suffocation.

Homeless African American murdered in New York

was called Jordan Neely And it was 30 years. He was homeless and would occasionally frequent subway stations in the Big Apple to find shelter and scrape some change together by staging Impersonation of Michael Jackson.

Jordan Neely met his death on Monday, May 1, by being strangled by B It was captured by a 24-year-old Marine.

Jordan Neely strangled by a Marine

According to the reconstruction, Nelly would have had nervous breakdown And it will begin Yelling at the passengers At a stop in Manhattan he says he has no food, is thirsty, is tired and doesn’t care that he ends up in jail.

Then the man took off his jacket and threw it on the ground. At this point, he confronted the young Neely who was identified by the US media as a white war veteran, lowered him and grabbed his neck by standing behind him and holding him tight for about 15 minutes.

She didn’t choke to death. The train stopped at the Broadway-Lafayette/Bleecker Street station and paramedics attempted to resuscitate the victim, to no avail.

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the Shocking videosAbout three and a half minutes later, the freelance journalist shot her Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Some New Yorkers wrote condolence letters, remembering the victim’s performance. Someone is arguing that Jordan Neely wasn’t his own master because he was a sucker for it Mental illness.

The New York Post wrote that the young man who held Jordan Neely in his death grip was arrested by the police and then He was released without charge.

According to the New York Times, Neely would face several arrests behind him, including assault and battery.

New controversies about violence against African Americans

This time the US police don’t end up in the crossfire. However, the fact that the other protagonist is a state representative (a marine), that he is white and the fact that Jordan Neely is choked to death as George Floyd has revived Controversy of the African American community.

Recently, in Memphis, African-American Tyre Nichols was killed by police, and in California, agents killed a black man in a wheelchair.

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