Campi Qui Pugui addresses childhood exile and friendship in the show “La casa mes petita” that arrives in Figueres

Campi Qui Pugui addresses childhood exile and friendship in the show “La casa mes petita” that arrives in Figueres

Campi Qui Pugui addresses childhood exile and friendship in the show “La casa mes petita” that arrives in Figueres

The actors Jordi Pedros and Cristina Garcia They met while working at Zum Zum Theater Company. During one long tour, they created their own show, the first for their company, Campi qui puig. That was sixteen years ago. Now, the team consists of ten professionals and has twelve productions in their portfolio, both on the street and in the hall, which they have represented in many countries and with which they wisely combine two lines: the more riotous comedies and entertainments and the line committed to a more social theatre. In this last area he lives Smallest house, A montage dedicated to childhood that sensitively addresses a rarely discussed topic: childhood exile.Smallest houserecommended from the age of six, is performed on Sundays at six in the afternoon in La Cate, in Figueres.

Cristina García explains that the company began its exclusivity by staging classic stories or small-scale productions at the same time as creating street shows, as a result of the baggage that preceded it. “We fell in love with this way of assaulting people through the performing arts,” Garcia says. They were determined by the way to do it and they did not give it up “It reaches many types of audiences and generates strange situations and very magical moments.”.

The film's scenography is very exciting and full of details.

However, over time, they “wanted to explore this language created on the street and bring it into the living room” while maintaining elements such as no text having the advantage of “breaking barriers of age, language or origin”. This is how he was born The way to school, a montage actually seen in Figueres, based on real witnesses they met and on the documentary by Pascal Plesson. This remarkable journey included “a shift towards more modern and social subject matter”, which they are continuing now Smallest houseIt is work that “helps us bring stories that are complex to people of all ages, even the youngest, but that are happening today and are part of the world these children live in as well.” Garcia sees that “It is good for children to know, because they have the ability to understand it and become more aware people.”.

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Smallest house It tells the story of two girls Bettina and Norma, who have fled war, find themselves in a refugee camp where they build a friendship that allows them to survive the present and illuminates the future. All of this is framed in “a very exciting play, full of details that transport you into a half-deserted space, and a feeling of exile.”

Smallest house Not his own creation, but adaptation Smallest house to Yarliko Teatro Company, from Navarre. When they attended the Navarrese premiere, it was clear to them. “We were surprised because he explained the story, without embellishment, but with several layers, with moments that make you laugh and others that make you cry,” says the actress, who also co-directed, translated and adapted the original script. When they realized that Teatro Jarlico had not toured in Catalonia – they only performed it in Spanish and Basque – they proposed to do it in Catalan – the work includes a text -, because “We thought it was important to reach the kids here.”. Another pro point is that the actresses, themselves kami in school, were already accustomed to playing children on stage. Garcia admits that “there is an easy line to cross when adults act like children,” and that to move away from an unreliable or overly trite interpretation, the secret is “to be yourself, and look for that real, more important part.” Fun stuff and really living it in your voice.”

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