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Coins that are worth a fortune. There are a lot of them and in most cases we don’t even know. Rare coins sought by collectors, due to errors in the minting stage or because it may be in a limited edition. Now that the coins are 1 and 2 euro cents It is about to withdraw, so its value increases from an assembly point of view. In short, it is better to keep them, as they may gain very high values ‚Äč‚Äčover time.

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But today there is already a 1 cent coin whose value is certainly … disproportionate: it comes Transferred even more than 6 thousand euros. It’s a 1 cent coin with Exciting minting mistake. In its corrected version, the picture shows the Castel del Monte in Puglia. Instead, the wrong, and much needed, error reported Mole AntonilianaIt is usually represented on a 2-cent coin.

2 euro coins equal to 3 thousand: you have wealth in your pocket and you do not know it?

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but, this is not every thing. What makes this coin unique is also the fact that its overall diameter and dimensions 2 euro cent coin or 18.75 mm. More than a rare double mistake made the value of the coin jump, as we mentioned, to about 6 thousand euros. It is estimated that about 7,000 examples of a 1 cent coin Mole Antoniliana, although most of them pull quickly when the error occurs. Thus, in circulation there will be only a hundred copies, which are in great demand by collectors from all over Europe.

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