“TR*** from the competitor?” – Free daily

“TR*** from the competitor?”  – Free daily

Disagreements do not stop a Dancing with the stars. And ignite the words Paula Barali to me Today is another day From Serena Burton. La Barale unequivocally and unequivocally defended Zaneshi that have been criticized before Wild Lucarelli: “This isn’t just a dance competition, it’s an entertainment programme. And Eva is totally into it, and that’s why she’ll also have a reason to win, because she’s doing superlatively in the show she’s doing. But at the same time the time Mariotto Savage describes as a monkey throwing up his poo has gone awry To a Savage level. I think sometimes the jury exaggerates.”

Barral’s reference is the “sleazy” one with which Lucarelli described Zanicki’s jokes. Lucarelli responded immediately to Barral’s words, who certainly didn’t send them to say: “It’s interesting how that is The reality manipulation mechanism, as there never was. tr from a competitor (Actually it was a super functional program!) But under operation there were still some ‘sloppy’ moments. Mariotto has lowered himself to my level.” In short, Dancing with the Stars seems to be a powder keg ready to explode more and more. And between now and the final, we’ll definitely see some good stuff…

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