“My mom is very proud” – Corriere.it

“My mom is very proud” – Corriere.it
From Federica Banderali

He was crowned by the American People magazine. Hollywood star, 41: “I already know that many friends will make fun of me.” In 2021, the title went to Paul Rudd

He’s the third Avengers to take the title: Chris Evans – aka Captain America – has been named the Sexiest Man of 2022 From People magazine, which usually plots the singular order. “I already know that many friends will make fun of me – the actor admitted – but my mother will certainly be happy.” Evans, who has played Captain America for more than ten years, got the baton from another Avenger, Paul Rudd, who was elected in 2021.

At the age of 41, the actor devotes himself to a balanced life between work and private life, spending as much time as possible at home and with his loved ones. “These are things I want,” Evans recently admitted in an interview as well about marriage and parenthood. But he never strays from his working life: “The funniest aspect of my career now is feeling confident enough to take my foot off the gas pedal,” then adds real oomph: “Let’s give it a boost. Education, it’s so exciting.”

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