Toyota’s version of the Fiat Panda: That’s two drops in the water

Toyota’s version of the Fiat Panda: That’s two drops in the water

The Fiat Panda seems to be the leader around the world, so much so that Toyota took inspiration from it.

The car that over the years has continued to sell the largest number of examples in Italy is Fiat Panda. A model that made four-wheel history in Italy and reinforces itself every year as a car that sells more than 100 thousand samples With July 2024, which will also see the Italian company launch the electric version.

Toyota’s clone of the Fiat Panda (

Therefore, we are faced with a model of exceptional value in the relationship between quality and price, with Fiat Panda Which currently comes in a length of 365cm, a width of 164cm and a height of 155cm, making it suitable for four or five people. The interior is not bad and above all its stability on the road is appreciated.

The engine currently fitted is a 999 displacement 3-cylinder that can deliver a maximum power of 70 hp, with a top speed of 164 km/h. Consumption is not bad, as this car settles at 5.3 liters to cover a distance of 100 kilometers. The starting cost is from 15,500 euros, however Toyota It appears to have generated an almost identical model.

Toyota Sienta: The car you’ve never seen before

And in the end too Toyota He noticed how the style Panda It was truly essential and above all ideal for the city and everyday life, as well as other city cars. That is why in 2003 a model appeared very reminiscent of the design of the Japanese company, the Sienta, a car born in September 2003.

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Toyota Sienta (Toyota Press Media –

This is the car in Japan It has always enjoyed great success, right from the early days when it was seen as a small truck capable of producing a maximum of 111 hp. The first generation was the longest-lasting of all, so much so that it remained on the market from 2003 until 2015, before making way for the second generation.

The latest version was born in 2022 and its characteristics are very similar to those of the Panda, even if the engine is 4 cylinders with a displacement of 1500, and a maximum power of 80 horsepower. Consumption is also excellent, averaging 28.8 kilometers per liter of gasoline. However, its dimensions are much larger than the panda, reaching 430 cm in length, but the price will be only in euros. 14,278 euros.

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