Score, the dating app that picks the perfect partner based on how much money they have

Score, the dating app that picks the perfect partner based on how much money they have

Dating app that selects potential partners, with whom to start a serious relationship, starting from their investment portfolio: How Score works.

There is a dating app that has you selecting the perfect partner based on their portfolio. We point to gradesApplication created by Neon money cluba fintech company that primarily highlights how people with higher credit scores develop a greater tendency to initiate serious relationships.

The result, a dating app that finds a partner based on their portfolio

Neon money club He created Score, a dating app that identifies the best partner to start a serious relationship with, starting with his wallet.

Although it may seem strange, the rules of dating have definitely changed in recent times, and apart from any taboos, money is of great importance, especially in today's relationships.

So the result is a dating app that specifically takes this important thing into account.the details“, before suggesting to the user the person who could win his heart based on that Balance level.

It is actually a credit score associated with what is defined Creditworthiness forRelated to a specific topic.

Score, the wallet-friendly dating app (

Moreover, this data is used in many cases by Banking institutions and finance companies In order to make an assessment of the likelihood of granting a loan to your client. So, from this perspective, a dating app takes the credit history of a particular user, and if they have a credit score below 675, they cannot sign up for the app.

The best result, according to the application, should be at 850Which usually many users cannot access.

CEO talks about “Financial Awareness”

The company, for its part, claims that people with a higher credit score are more likely to get started Dangerous love storiesHe supported this thesis by citing a study he conducted Federal ReserveAlthough this trend has raised some doubts regarding the possibility of this Discrimination.

The score depends on the credit score: what is it (

As mentioned Luke BaileyCEO of Meon Money Club in a statement,Financial well-being often takes a back seat. At Neon Money Club, our mission is to infuse financial awareness into the fabric of everyday life“.

He added: “To achieve this, we decided to take the conversation where it might not normally go. In fact, Score aims to expand the topic of financial health“.

Debts are grounds for divorce

Therefore, money in this case brings happiness, as confirmed by a recent study he conducted Sun Toast Bankhosted online by Harris Paul35% of people say that economic problems have a major impact on the relationship between spouses.

What stands out from this study is that three out of five Americans decide to postpone marriage or avoid inheriting their partner's debt. Furthermore, 54% of interviewees say a particularly indebted partner is the main reason they considered the decision. To use the Divorce.

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