Lying to EU antitrust about Call of Duty –

Lying to EU antitrust about Call of Duty –

Sonny is lying inAntitrust in the European Union Regarding the agreement Call of duty: This is the accusation made by Frank X. Xu spokesman Microsoftaccording to which the Japanese company is trying to convince some people in Brussels of something that does not correspond to the truth.

According to a report, a few days ago, Jim Ryan had met with the head of the European Antitrust Federation, and this move appears to be part of a strategy pursued by PlayStation to enforce its narrative and make sure of it. Activision Blizzard acquisition blocked.

“I’ve heard Sony is meeting with people in Brussels who argue that Microsoft doesn’t want to give them parity in Call of Duty if the Activision acquisition goes through,” Xu wrote. “nothing Nothing could be further from the truth. ”

“We’ve been very clear about Sony offering a ten-year deal so that they can acquire parity regarding timing, content, features, quality, playability, and any other aspect of the game.”

“We also said we would be happy to put that commitment on paper, draw up a contract, create regulatory agreements and so on. Sony is the console market leader and will be Nonsense for us Exclude PlayStation users of the Call of Duty ecosystem.”

“Our goal is to bring Call of Duty and any other game – as we did with Minecraft – in more people around the world, so they can access the experience wherever and how they want.”

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