He hid his drug use when he bought a gun

A jury found Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, guilty of a crime Three charges were tried.

The 12 jury members unanimously agreed to prove this Biden lied about his drug addiction When he bought a gun in 2018. In other words, he said he didn’t use it to buy a gun. Hunter Biden became the first relative of a president to be convicted in the United States.

The ruling was announced Tuesday afternoon.

Four months ago, the judge will have to rule The penalty on paper exceeds 10 years imprisonment, But since it’s the first offense and on top of his good behavior, it could result in either a few months behind bars or probation.

Hunter Biden leaves court accompanied by his stepmother, Jill Biden, and his wife (Reuters/Hannah Pierre)

Convicted five months before the election

The sentence for the president’s only living son is one A huge blow to the tenant of the White House, both personally and politicallyJust five months before the elections. Just 12 days ago, his rival Donald Trump was also convicted of fraud in the case of porn actress Stormy Daniels, and is awaiting sentencing.

Experts suggested that a guilty verdict would be issued half a year ago. Hunter Biden had already reached a tentative agreement with the district attorney’s office to admit the charges, which the judge eventually dismissed.

President Biden responded in a statement His son’s conviction ensured this “Accept the outcome of this case“I continue to respect the court’s procedures while Hunter considers the appeal.” A few days ago, Joe Biden confirmed that he does not comment on ongoing cases before the federal courts, but rather as a father “I have boundless love for my son, and I trust him and respect his strength.”. He also ruled out pardon if the jury found him guilty.

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Hunter, the president’s troubled son

Hunter Biden (54 years old) is the president’s only living son from his first marriage. Her brother Beau died of cancer in 2015, and her sister Naomi died as a child in 1972 in a car accident that also killed their mother Neilia, the president’s first wife and mother of three.

The turbulent life of Hunter, a lawyer by training and lobbyist by profession, They have been in the eyes of the media and Republican politicians for yearswho pursued him relentlessly.

First, for business and The relationships he had with countries like UkraineHe was a millionaire-salaried consultant for Burisma Gas when his father was vice president. He was never proven to have done anything illegal, but his activities led Donald Trump in 2019 to pressure Volodymyr Zelensky’s government to investigate alleged dirty laundry by the Biden family; The pressure that It cost Trump his first political impeachment trial. He was acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Hunter Biden is the first relative of a US president to be convicted. Reuters/Hannah Pierre

Drug scourge

And then, in the last decade, Hunter Biden He spiraled into separation, depression, prostitution, lavish spending, and severe drug addiction Which he was going through now. “He used crack every twenty minutes on the hardest days,” a relative testified during the trial. During that dark period, in 2018, he bought a gun and lied to the gun store about not being a drug user.

At trial, he and the defense maintained that on the day he obtained the gun, he already considered himself “clean” from drugs, although the prosecution countered with photos and text messages proving otherwise.

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The case in Delaware was not the only case pending before Judge Hunter Biden. In California, he has another one open, in this case L Failure to pay taxes on $1.4 million For three years. As of today, Hunter Biden has already paid what he owes to the Treasury. The trial is scheduled to begin on September 5 in Los Angeles, and the verdict in the illegal gun possession case will be announced on Tuesday shortly thereafter.

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