Toyota Aygo X Japanese city car manufactured in Europe

Toyota Aygo X Japanese city car manufactured in Europe

The new Toyota Aygo X is an A-segment crossover, designed and built in Europe for the needs of Europe’s city life. In order to make this vehicle the benchmark in its class, the Toyota Group’s new compact is built on the popular Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-B platform, which was first introduced with New Yaris (Car of the Year 2021).

Exceptional colors for the modern Aygo X

After successful submission Positive welcome to Aygo X Prologue In the special “Sparkling Chilli Red” color scheme, the Aygo X project was transferred to Toyota Motor Europe design in Belgium, where the concept became a production model. The eye-catching Aygo X execution creates a silhouette with a unique profile that catches the eye and emphasizes The dynamics of the new model.

The new roofline also enhances its sporty image. At the front, high-tech headlights wrap around the bonnet to form a wingtip profile, while the large grille, fog lights and lower hood evolve around the double-swing theme. The new color palette is inspired by different types of spices to create a palette of colors exclusively for Toyota Aygo X.

Among the colors to admire: Cardamom green, which evokes an image rich in style and elegance for a refined and discreet look; helleywhich attracts attention with its warm and deep reflections; beige ginger Which reveals the spirit of adventure. Juniper Bluea special blue color that gives a bright look thanks to the presence of light red shades.

The new Toyota Aygo X will be available at a cost of 13,000 euros

Aygo X . interiors

In fact, the interior details match the exterior colors of Giving the passenger compartment a distinctive and unique design. Finally, in both the seats and in the shape of the headlights, we find a nod to the Aygo X’s “X”, further reinforcing a strong and cohesive identity. As for the measurements, which are 3,700 mm in length, the new Aygo X is 235 mm longer than its predecessor, with the wheelbase increased by 90 mm. The front is 72mm shorter than the Yaris, while the maximum tire size goes up to 18 inches.

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The total width of the car body is 1740 mm. In this way, the front seats were spaced 20 mm apart. Even in luggage space, the Aygo X is at the top of its class with a cabin length of 125 mm larger and clever management of space behind the rear seats: load capacity increases by 60 liters compared to the previous generation, for a total of 231 liters.

In addition, the special design of the roof helps to keep the overall external dimensions small, while leaving the necessary space for a comfortable and spacious cabin for the driver and passengers. The vehicle’s height has been increased by 65 mm for a total of 1,525 mm.

The expected fuel consumption is 4.7 l / 100 km and 107 g / km CO2.

The launch offer for the new Aygo X starts at 13,000 euros for the active version, thanks to customer benefits of 3,500 euros and various discounts offered by participating merchants.

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