The three-door minivan is reinventing itself

The three-door minivan is reinventing itself

Revolution and tradition Style is an evolution Mini 3 doors That we know, but the fifth generation changes radically Under the skin by adopting a new one platform specific car electrical, created by the BMW Group in cooperation with the Great Wall of China. In fact, only battery-powered versions of the little Englishwoman have been announced so far. According to rumors heat engines But in this case, the platform will be the previous generation platform. On the other hand, the design should be quite similar to that of the electric version.

Simple appearance – The silhouette of the new one Mini Cooper It retains the trademark short overhangs, hood and short wheelbase. the new Octagonal grid It identifies the front section, while LED daytime running lights indicate the illuminated signature. The impression is that the designers wanted to reduce stylistic elements to essential ones, for example by removing the chrome that previously framed the headlights. It is also seen in Side visionThe classic black plastic fenders have been removed to make room for the wheel arches entirely in body colour. The flush door handles also contribute to the clean design. Section ass Reminds of the classic small lights in vertical lighting groups. A new feature is the black handle bar that splits the rear section in two and highlights the vehicle’s width. There are four trim levels that also reflect the different characteristics of the car on the outside: Basic, Classic, Preferred and John Cooper Works.

There is only one screen The simplicity of the exterior design is also reflected in the new design Mini Cooperwhere there is only the classic Round instrument panel In the center of the dashboard, with the activation controls below. The diameter of the central OLED display has been increased to 240 mm and it has an operating logic similar to that of a smartphone. By reducing everything to the essentials, the new interior design needs fewer components. Behind the wheel, an optional head-up display brings the most relevant content directly into the driver’s field of view, eliminating the need for an additional instrument cluster and freeing up visibility on the road. the Dashboard The curve is covered for the first time Textile materials: This is a specially developed, easy-care two-tone shirt made from recycled polyester. The boot with a capacity of 200 liters can be expanded up to 800 liters by folding the rear seats, which are split in a 60:40 ratio.

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Hi Minnie – in the new Mini Cooper Many functions can be controlled via the brand’s first complete voice assistant, which can be activated with the “Hey Mini” command or with a special button on the steering wheel. Voice interaction takes place on the round screen. Customers can choose to interact with a stylized representation of the Mini or with Spike, the mascot familiar to many fans of the brand. Using voice commands, the driver can control navigation, telephony, entertainment and many other functions. The system is constantly learning and can learn to perform some routine actions, such as automatically opening the window when entering a parking lot.

Two electricians The Mini Cooper electric car will be available in the version Cooper EWith 184 horsepower and 290 Nm of torque, and in the sporty version Cooper SEWhich provides 218 horsepower and 330 Nm Drums of 40.7 kWh allows a range of up to 305 km for the Cooper E, while on Cooper SE The battery capacity rises to 54.2 kWh for a maximum range of 402 km. It could be the new Mini Cooper electric car loader With AC up to 11 kW or faster with DC up to 75 kW in the Cooper S and up to 95 kW in the Cooper SE.

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