Eli Lilly’s False Profile (Drugs) With $8 Gets The Blue Check From Twitter And Declares: “Free Insulin.” The real Lilly collapse in the stock market

Eli Lilly’s False Profile (Drugs) With $8 Gets The Blue Check From Twitter And Declares: “Free Insulin.”  The real Lilly collapse in the stock market

The choppy witch hunt has been unleashed Twitter Against fake profiles after access Elon Musk At the head of the company can turn into Boomerang. One story, of all, highlighted the contradictions of the current verification mechanism: that of the pharmaceutical company Eli Lillywhich witnessed a decline in the value of its shares in the stock market. The fault lay in a fake account that pretended to be hers, who managed to obtain the required recognition of a “certified” profile and publicize the alleged decision to distribute “free insulin”. Thousands of users shared the tweet before the real Eli Lilly & Co explained it.

Twitter between innovations and chaos

What happened has a lot to do with the many discussions.”blue tick“Which marks verified accounts, a historical badge that has become an indicator of true status over time. Before Musk arrived, it was given free to government agencies, businesses, celebrities and journalists verified through the platform, specifically to prevent imitation. But the Tesla chief decided to pay her: 8 dollars a month To ensure followers that the username and identity of the person behind the profile match. In theory, anyone can have it – just pay. Users objected to the decision, but also to its questionable efficacy: since the subscription service launched on Wednesday, the platform has been filled with accounts that have attempted to impersonate brands and famous people. Until the point that, according to what a American mediaSubscription service will be suspended.


But it was too late for Eli Lilly. the most recent Surveys She talks about a decline in her stock equal to 4.45%The trend between November 10 and 11 (the period of false advertising) is sharp. We apologize to those who received a misleading message from a fake Lilly account. Our official Twitter account is LillyPad chirp the society. His doses of insulin, a lifesaving drug used to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, cost hundreds of dollars per vial. Prices were high disputed In the past.

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In the meantime, the headache continues on the musk. After paying the blue check, the temporary penalties For those who decided to change their name and mass layoffs, the billionaire spoke about someone else Cooperat: addition “officialTo confirm the credibility of some accounts. But even this measure was soon proven wrong, for example attributing the character of originality to the story of “Jesus Christ”.

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