Russia-Ukraine War, Live Coverage – Moscow: “Risk of direct conflict with the United States.” Johnson’s surprise in Kyiv. China expands its atomic arsenal

Russia-Ukraine War, Live Coverage – Moscow: “Risk of direct conflict with the United States.”  Johnson’s surprise in Kyiv.  China expands its atomic arsenal

European Union: “Thank you to Prime Minister Draghi and Italy for allocating new funds for refugees”

Italy welcomed refugees from Ukraine with open arms. Thank you to Prime Minister Draghi and Italy for allocating new funds to help them meet their daily needs. This is European solidarity at its best.” The European Commission wrote in a tweet welcoming the declaration 610 million euros allocated by the government To support Kyiv and the Ukrainian refugees who arrived during the latest international fundraising event, Stand for Ukraine in Warsaw.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: “Terror in Boscha”

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen He described what he saw in Bucha as “horror” and reiterated his “admiration” for the Ukrainians fighting against the Russian invasion. There are no words to express the horror I witnessed in Bucha, The bad face of Putin’s army that terrifies peopleSaid von der Leyen during the international fundraising event “Stand up for Ukraine” in Warsaw, in Poland. “I have a lot of admiration for our brave Ukrainian friends who are fighting against all this. They are fighting our war,” he said. The Ukrainian president also spoke at the event Volodymyr Zelensky The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Zelensky emphasized the courage of the Ukrainian fighters in the face of the invading army. Ukraine “is the most courageous country in the world,” he said. Trudeau renewed the appeal, made by Zelensky himself, to “mobilize” the international community to support refugees and all Ukrainians.

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Kyiv: “We expect to obtain candidate status in June”

“Ukraine has received the questionnaire for EU membership. We have already done a lot of preparatory work. We are ready to move quickly. We expect to receive candidate status in June.” write it on twitter Olga StefanichinaDeputy Prime Minister of Ukraine. “It is part of our recovery and victory over the Russian aggressor who wants to reverse the democratic course of Ukraine.”

European Union: 9.1 billion euros raised for fugitives

“Today we raised €9.1 billion for people fleeing the Russian invasion ‘inside and outside Ukraine’.” The President of the European Commission announces this on Twitter, Ursula von der Leyen, while the final event of the international fundraising campaign “Stand up for Ukraine” is being held in Warsaw. “More” money will arrive, “we will continue to provide support,” von der Leyen assures. “Once the bombs stop falling, We will help the Ukrainian people to rebuild their country“.

Johnson in Kyiv as a sign of solidarity

The Prime Minister went to Ukraine to meet the President Zelensky of people as evidence of symbiosis With the Ukrainian people.” So a spokesperson Downing Street Confirms surprise mission Boris Johnson In Kyiv, he stressed that the focus of the talks with the Ukrainian president was “the UK’s long-term support for Ukraine”. Then “Johnson will present a new package of financial and military aid In Kyiv, the spokesman concluded according to reports from the BBC.

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Boris Johnson in Kyiv: meeting with Zelensky

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson it’s KyivWhere he meets with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukrainian Presidential Reports.

“In Makarev, grenades in shelters and shots from the sky”

In some houses the Russian army set out hand grenades In the sheltersbecause they don’t want us to hide.” Residents expenses To ANSA envoy immediately. Others also reported “shooting at cars in the adjacent street helicopters for the Russian army.” “The military groups took turns – explain the residents – and the same soldiers ordered us to flee because the ‘udmurt’ and ‘buryat’ would arrive,” they add, referring to the ethnic group from Militiamen From the area in which it is located the band in the Russian Far East who allegedly carried out the Busha massacres.

Makariv: A woman was raped, murdered, and beheaded

“In Makarev, where the death toll rose to 133, there were many to torturewhere bodies were found with their hands tied, and at least two cases of women raped Then he was killed: One of these was slaughtered. We found the bodies.” This was stated by the mayor of Makarev, Fadano Tokar, to the envoy of the American News Agency (ANSA) in Makarev. Toker, a lawyer in uniform since the beginning of the war, reported that he was awarded the Medal of Honor by Zelensky after the occupation of the Russian army.

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China accelerates expansion of its atomic arsenal

there China He is accelerating his own expansion nuclear arsenal After reviewing his rating for the threat mail from United State. And the Wall Street Journal reported that it quoted some sources that the American caution against direct involvement in the war there Ukraine He would have persuaded Beijing to focus more on developing nuclear weapons such as deterrent. The newspaper said that Chinese leaders see a strong nuclear arsenal as a deterrent to the United States from being directly involved in a potential conflict over Taiwan.

Zelensky: “We are always ready for dialogue”

Ukraine is “always ready” for a dialogue with the Russia. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after his meeting with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehamer. Ukrainian media reported this.

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