“First of all professional, then I hope in Cagliari …”

“First of all professional, then I hope in Cagliari …”

Today’s Champion Empoli – Salerno He was a goalkeeper for the Tuscany national team William Vicar, who saved his door on several occasions with miraculous interventions. At the press conference, Vicario, who is owned by Cagliari and on loan with the right of redemption to Empoli, expressed his preference for the Sardinian club in the fight for redemption: “If I studied Perotti and expected him from the site? I studied them all, from those who were most statistically attracted to others and Perotti was also among those we studied. We were ready for anything and I share this advantage with goalkeeper coach Sicignano who supported me not only in this case But all season.

Ile Cagliari – “I think we are professionals, nobody has ever given us anything this year. We go out to the field every Sunday to win matches, you know I have a past in Cagliari and I have a special relationship with some of the players and I also wanted to be a help to them, because they are in this fight that We pulled it off. It was an extra motivation that settled in my mind in the match today. I did my best, first of all comes the professionalism and I think Empoli did I hope Cagliari will be saved, that’s it, for my former teammates who gave me so much, and there People I particularly relate to outside of football. In a difficult season like this one that has lived, I think they should be rewarded. He missed Bonazoli’s goal, there is not much to say, there was no contact. I tried to recover, I went against Radovanovic, there can be upset but The referee saw good..

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