Brignone is a young girl, Shiffrin knows where to hit, and Pacino needs to get his confidence back

Brignone is a young girl, Shiffrin knows where to hit, and Pacino needs to get his confidence back

Giant Linz Women's Report Card 2023

Thursday 28 December

Federica Brignone, 9: This year in giant slalom, he has 4 podium finishes in 5 races, with 2 victories and several top honours. These are impressive numbers for this champion who skates with the freshness and enthusiasm of a young girl. Today, she was only successful because of the three mistakes she made in the first round, one of which cost her about one second. She was unleashed in the second half, and made another thrilling comeback thanks to the best time in the heat. The Giant Slalom World Cup is a concrete goal, and he will try to see it through to the end. However, for the general, it seems objectively difficult against this Shiffrin, but it is her duty not to give up and continue to believe in her.

Mikaela Shiffrin, 9.5: The American gives off a sense of having enough maturity to identify races on the calendar where it is important to make her mark. First the descent of St. Moritz, then the giant slalom in Linz: the American champion excelled in two events where the Italians Sofia Goggia and Federica Brignone could have tried to recover some points for her. On a psychological level, this is very important. The Class of 1995 has already won three majors this season, and frankly, none of them can match their pace.

Sarah Hector, 7.5: Saves the podium by 18 hundredths, but manages a decidedly lackluster second heat. In the first stage, the Swede saw herself at excellent levels, although certainly not those that would allow her to become Olympic champion in 2022.

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Valerie Grenier, 7: It ranks fourth after regaining four positions. The Canadian asserts herself that she is a very fast skater, but she is also prone to making mistakes. But if everything goes smoothly, he becomes a bad customer for anyone.

Julia Shipp, 7.5: In Killington it came in seventh place, and today it is performing better and recovering from fourteenth place to fifth place. It is not very young (born 1998), but Austria is clinging to it to regain competitiveness among the broad goals.

Lara Gut Bahrami, 5: Big disappointment of the day. She never found the right feeling on the snow, sticking too hard to the edges and finishing sixth in 1.21, also losing her red bib.

Sophia Jogia, 6.5: He always tries bravely, and leaves the sleds without fear. However, it also has many disadvantages. She finished eighth and notched her third top 10 of the season in the giant slalom. Now in January, we'll hopefully see the real Sofia Jogia descending upon her once again.

Roberta Milesi, 6.5: He regains six places in the second break thanks to the tenth overall time and ends in seventeenth place.

Elisa Platino and Assia Zeneri, 6 years oldQualification is a good result. In the second round, they did not feel bold and finished tied for 25th place.

Lara Della Mia, 6: The first points of his career in giant slalom.

Marta Passino, 4: A decidedly stingy start to the season for Piedmont. So far in the giant slalom, two laps, without a podium and a fifth place best result. The crisis is clearly more mental than technical in nature, because in recent weeks it has shown that skiing is the same as always. He needs a great performance to break free and get out of the tunnel.

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