“I am locked away from home …” said lawyer Zuwen and the outbreak of fraud in the municipalities of Tiraglio.

“I am locked away from home …” said lawyer Zuwen and the outbreak of fraud in the municipalities of Tiraglio.

Mogliano – personable, friendly and above all convincing. To the point of pitying his victims and persuading them to open their wallet to help this lawyer out of trouble. “Excuse me, IZwain’s lawyerI locked myself out of the house. I will need a loan of 37 euros to pay the locksmith, then they will return everything to you, ”he assures each time. But even the money remained. On social networks, the Reports Of the residents that the thug tried to drink, using the nickname of the lawyer Zwein. So as to penetrate, and exploit their acting skills, the wall of distrust in the face of the demands of strangers. Cassir DawsonAnd the PreganziolAnd the Trevisobut also in several locations in Venice. The alert works on Facebook groups and someone also asked for the intervention of the carabinieri: on Friday a patrol intervened in an area via Aldo Moro But the scammer has already walked away. also hit in through petrarchUsing the alias of attorney Zwein to breach the wall of distrust in the face of requests from a stranger.

“He ran out of the apartment block at No. 11, all panting. He locked himself out of the house, had no spare keys, and had to pay the locks for the work he was doing to open the house — says Otavia D. at Dawson Group On Facebook -. After we asked him to accompany him to get the keys in his office in the center. He asked for a loan of 38.70 euros to pay the locks, and he asks exactly for the intercom and the name he returns the money. He would leave them in the mailbox. It is clear that more was seen! ».

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The resident is not the only one who warns her citizens about the dangers of this specialist Negatives. Barbara G. also gives a description: “Italian accent, medium length, short hair.” This is how house bells in the Primavera pizzeria area were seen ringing on Friday afternoon at around 3pm. “He introduced himself as a lawyer, announced that he had locked himself out of the house and asked for 37 euros to duplicate the keys, and promised to return the amount within an hour” – explains the woman, who recommends warning the elderly, especially favorite victims of scams. “My wife also met him on the way to Aldo Moro – says Giorgio B. -. Same story… locked away from home… Polite and persuasive, he asked for 17 euros and then bye.” The residents alerted the Carabinieri, who are now looking for the crook. The scope of her work will not be limited to Marca, as other citizens have reported similar episodes of friscada. There are those who are willing to swear that they have been “on the scene” for years. “It’s always the same thing about it, and it’s a true scam professional – writes Monica Z. On social networking sites -. He managed to cheat me over ten years ago with five euros in San Zeno where I lived. He makes the center and the ends and then changes the area. It tells stories that seem real, classic cases of chance. And you always care.”

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