Ready for new Minibeat music

Ready for new Minibeat music

he Minibeat, the family festival of alternative music for the whole familyarriving this Sunday at Seventh edition on the stage Rocca Ambert Art Factory From Granollers, with Joan Colombo As one of the correct names for the label. This year’s festival, organized by the Arcada Concerts Association, honors the singer Tina Turner.

In this edition there will be Seven scenarios Distributed throughout the Rocca Ambert site, mostly abroad. Highlights of the performances include performances by musician Joan Colombo, from Saint-Celoni, who will perform his songs Disc Eight “Realistic Techno”. They are a group of Pleasant melodies belie an uncomfortable message And sometimes hopeless. They will also arrive from Pécs Montseny cala fresca treatment, With his dynamic and private life.

In addition, the legendary will stop at Granollers gas drums, On full tour for 25 years on the road and with an amazing live show; black magicians, Considered by critics to be the best psychedelic band in Europe, OR pachingo dog, With his rumba essence and the new album under his arm “Volem pa amb odi”.

The lineup also includes Paura, always direct and forceful; Australians Sun fruitwith its psychedelia in the form of an indie pop anthem; Lake Zephyrwhich will celebrate life with amazing musical pieces; Weaselwho return to the stage, or Vicki Ricewith her own project.

On the other hand, Severian will leadSchool of rock They will present a selection of their best alternative rock works.

In this edition, the festival pays special attention to the theme: Emerging granulerin bands Like Tis crocs, With its dark and positive rock, and Borexas, An almost instrumental duo with a sound reminiscent of both grunge and punk from the 90s and stoner and doom today. On the other side, la putzina, With his educational concerts, he will present New show “We are the Castles”.

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Electrobeat From this edition it will occupy the space between La Térmica Theater and l’Escurço Negre. They will act there IOU3R, a trio who, after putting an end to their previous project, decided to start a new project where they could pour out all their accumulated energy and try new sounds. They will perform there too B-Boys; Trumpet for musician Balti Albiol. region; Victor Segundo; Cuervos and MC’S are born in the wildWith hip hop.

They will be held throughout Minibeat Day Several workshops to Drawing and drawing, circus, Napkin print s registration.

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