Receipt Lottery 2023: What’s New?

Receipt Lottery 2023: What’s New?

The Receipt Lottery brings important news, with a new possibility to get the amounts owed. This is an instant lottery, which can be ordered immediately, near the delivery of the receipt. But how does this new mode work? Let’s explore the problem together.

there Instant receipt lottery is allowed Participants should know the result of the lottery immediately, without having to wait a few days. Thanks to a special code, those participants can immediately know the final winnings. This is one of the measures the country has taken to increase receipt emissions, and we will explore how it works in the following paragraphs.

Pick-up Sweepstakes: New for 2023

Instant Receipt Lottery: How Does It Work?

The Receipt Lottery was an initiative that the state wanted, for a certain period of time, and it has been ever since It remained active and remains active today. In this case, to find out if you are among the lucky winners of one of the available prizes, you do not need to wait any longer: just provide the respective code.

Promotion Bonus: What is it?

First of all, let’s try to clarify Upgrade rewardsWhat is it and when is it? This bonus is available to cover expenses 100% of all cash register feesbut the maximum is 50 euros.

New receipt lottery: when does it start?

this New receipt lottery modeWhen does it begin? Let’s try to answer this question together in the next article. In detail, the Revenue Agency has set October 2, 2023 as the start date. By that day, store owners and those who have a business will necessarily have to update their cash systems to favor this new game mode.

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