Torreira “pushes” Vlahovic away last January

Fiorentina wants to sell Vlahovic in January. According to the latest market news, after the arrival of Piatek, the Tuscan club will have a clear idea of ​​selling the Serb at the best possible price.

Fiorentina: The key to selling Vlahovic is Torreira

La Fiorentina for sale Dusan Vlahovic. After a “no” to contract renewal, 18 months after the agreement with Fiorentina expired, President Rocco Commisso had decided to sell Dusan Vlahovic while the tournament was in progress.

To do this, however, you need two things. A buyer wishing to value the player 70 million euros and a willingness to tip the new project. Arsenal will be on the front line to face Vlahovic in the January transfer market Of which The Tuscan club must exchange the Lucas Torreira card.

Torreira is worth 15 million

Therefore, discount on The price of Vlahovic can be obtained from Arsenal if the Serbian is sold. Indeed, in recent months Torreira has put the Viola team on his shoulders, filling an important gap in the middle of the field.

Between Arsenal and Commisso, there is a loan agreement until June with a right of redemption (15 million) from Torreira. That’s why Fiorentina, who wants to keep him, He hopes to sell Vlahovic to Arsenal.

Fiorentina: Arsenal is Vlahovic

For this very reason the same Fiorentina were already pushing Arsenal to advance for Vlahovic’s side in January. The Tuscan club hope that Arsenal will put on the table a reasonable offer for the Serbs, which at this point may also contain Torreira’s ransom. It’s not an easy path to follow given that Vlahović and his entourage have made it clear to the club that they do not want to accept offers during the current tournament (and perhaps even at the end of the year when they expire), but the lily company hopes so A good offer can satisfy all parties.

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