In La Spezia and Genoa, Moroccan fans cleaned the arenas

In La Spezia and Genoa, Moroccan fans cleaned the arenas

In La Spezia, after hours of fireworks, singing and dancing in an area of ​​the historic center that has historically been frequented by the Arab community, Moroccan fans, with brooms and bags, collecting bottles and paper, use the fireworks and clean the fountain in the center of the square, as shown in a video made Posted by City of La Spezia. It is a situation that reminds many Japanese fans who usually clean the stands as they watch matches before leaving the stadium. The videos, testifying to civic sense, ended up on the Internet and were shared thousands of times.

Same situation in Genoa. He commented, “For us, cleaning is nothing exceptional. We do it all the time because it’s our culture. After that, it was our duty to take out our waste,” Rashid KhaiCoordinated by the Immigrant Associations of Genoa, al 19th century.

Moroccan fans were also photographed cleaning the stands. Following the warnings of blogger and “content maker” Saad Abid, and his association Al-Bahri – they actually cleaned the stands thoroughly before leaving the stadium as they cheered. “I bought 180 garbage bags, we divided them on the field according to everyone’s tickets and the gesture of cleaning went viral. I posted a video after the first match against Croatia and it was re-released a lot, we were interviewed by many televisions in the world, in 12 years of volunteering, he didn’t speak Nobody about our clean-ups, and that gives us courage and energy.”

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