Steve Simon responds to the alleged email from Bing Shuai: “I don’t think Bing Shuai wrote this email. I tried to contact her in different ways, to no avail.

Steve Simon is the president of the WTA

Steve Simon, the president of the WTA, was quick to respond to the statement he allegedly made Shuai Bing. Chinese media published this alleged statement of the Chinese tennis player, saying that she is fine, declaring that the allegations of sexual abuse that she made to the former Chinese Vice Prime Minister were a lie, but doubts were immediately raised about the veracity of these allegations. E-mail. What is certain is that an email has also been sent to the WTA.

“I don’t believe that Shuai Bing wrote that email we received, nor does she believe what has been attributed to her. Shuai Bing showed tremendous courage in describing the alleged sexual abuse of the former Chinese Vice Premier. The WTA and the rest of the world need independent proof of She is fine. I tried to contact her in different ways and to no avail.”, reads a statement from Steve Simon.

Simon also adds that Peng deserves respect and the utmost in freedom. Shuai should be free to speak, without coercion or intimidation whatsoever. His allegations of sexual assault must be investigated with full transparency and without censorship.”He adds.

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