A bloody letter from the army from Odessa: ‘No-fly zone now’ / EXCLUSIVE – World

A bloody letter from the army from Odessa: ‘No-fly zone now’ / EXCLUSIVE – World

To fill the inkwell, he used dozens of tubes of blood from his soldiers, twelve because there were so many things to write, but the main concept of the letter signed by Commander Vagapov, of the Odessa division of the Ukrainian army, is only one: “We long to defend you, create No-fly zone as quickly as possible, closing the sky.”

explained Vagapov, who accuses Vladimir Putin of “attacking Ukraine, as the Nazis treacherously attacked the Soviet Union.” “For Russia (which was never mentioned with a capital letter), Ukraine became a firing ground for testing their weapons on civilians. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians have fired 467 missiles and carried out 1,804 air strikes over it. The cities of our country .. fear, tears and death are what those who spoke of bring Love between brotherly peoples to our land,” continues the scarlet letter. “We want the whole world to understand that Russia will not stop, and will go further by invading Moldova, Poland and the Baltic states, it is a threat to the whole of Europe. Today Ukraine is the only bridge that resists Putin, and yet NATO is not in a hurry to close the sky over Ukraine “, Vagapov points out in red over white.

A plea written in blood directly “Because we are fighting aggression against you but we are paying our souls, Ukraine needs your help, our army needs heavy weapons, and the cities and villages of Ukraine have a sky that must be secured,” they repeated the signature of the soldiers with three drops of blood. In the meantime, the center of Odessa is becoming increasingly frightening, the streets of the center are inaccessible, shop windows are paneled and signs for air raid shelters. Malinovsky district has been without electricity since yesterday due to damage to infrastructure by Russian missiles, warns DTEK, the city’s electric company. Guarding the sandbags protecting the walls of the opera house Andre, who chose the more harmful “Richard” as his nickname, says he “expects an attack at any moment”.

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Since watching the videos of the Bush massacre, he could not sleep yet, he was watching the sea from the top of Potemkin’s staircase “to see if the silhouettes of Russian ships appeared.” “We are ready to die, but we need more weapons,” explains Serhiy Brachuk, a spokesman for the civilian brigades in Odessa. “The greatest danger comes from the sea, we need anti-ship missiles and mines, and the events of these days show that we can defeat the Russians, give us weapons, and Putin will stop him.”

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