Ukraine and Russia Move Thousands of Troops: An American Analysis

Ukraine and Russia Move Thousands of Troops: An American Analysis

Russia “repositions its forces to focus its offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine” in a new phase of the war. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that, noting that “tens of thousands of soldiers” are on the move.

“Russia tried to occupy all of Ukraine and failed – and that is why now it is trying to establish itself in a part of the country,” he added. Sullivan then explained that this new Russian offensive could be prolonged, “it won’t take weeks but months.”

In his briefing, Sullivan insisted that Russia’s first attempt to invade Ukraine had failed completely, thanks to the “valiant resistance” of the Ukrainians and the support they had received, but also that the conflict was not over and that Russia would try to “hide the failure with a new offensive.”

“Bocha’s photos strongly affirm that now is not the time to be happy – he said – the Ukrainians are bravely defending their land and the United States will continue to provide military, humanitarian and economic assistance.” Regarding military aid, Sullivan said that “new capabilities will be delivered in the near future,” noting that these types of deliveries cannot, of course, be “advertised.”

Sullivan concluded his speech by drawing three constants of the conflict in the near future: “Russia will continue to use its military power in an attempt to invade and occupy the sovereign territory of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian army and people will continue to actively and valiantly defend their land and the United States. At their side for as long as necessary.” Sullivan also said he expected Russian air strikes in this new phase of the offensive to continue to “intimidate” the Ukrainian city.

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