“I will defeat you bastard.” Here’s what happened

“I will defeat you bastard.”  Here’s what happened

“You I will be defeated cad Laryngitis». Eros Ramazzotti He is expelled and must necessarily resort to aerosols to fight the laryngitis that forces him to rest. The Romanian singer is back on his feet to resume his world tour. “See you in the Forum Tuesday,” he is still writing his story on Instagram, confirming the date of the concert that he will witness again on the stage.

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Is he spending these days relaxing and taking care of himself with his new flame? This is exactly the latest related news Eros Ramazzotti. Michelle’s ex-husband, who revealed to the public that it was him, appeared to have come out of the closet linked emotionally. Through an Instagram story, the singer-songwriter shared a photo in which he shared a tender kiss with his new flame.

the new love

There are no further details of their possible relationship, but the message added to accompany the shot (“Happy Birthday, Love”) will leave no room for doubt. But who is the mysterious woman? It is not easy to understand who the mystery woman of the kiss is: no one is marked and no name is given, at the moment any girlfriend is kept very secretive. Choosing a singer-songwriter who didn’t want to reveal more details. Furthermore, the girl’s physical characteristics are not recognizable because the two in the shot are exchanging a tender and romantic kiss, thus being in profile.

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According to what Issa and Chia have learned from the gossip newspaper, the image of the mysterious woman seems to have been associated with Delilah Gelsomino. The latter posted a photo on her personal Instagram account, in which she appears in front of a mirror in the same clothes and the same hairstyle as the image of the convict’s kiss. Eros and Delilah also follow each other on social networks. In short, the singer-songwriter wanted to take a very important step by showing himself in the company of the girl even if he preferred, at least for the time being, that his identity be kept secret.

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