Sanremo, the former winner is affected by a dangerous death

The former winner of Sanremo was touched by talk of a serious death he suffered on December 22, 2020, from which he has not yet recovered.

Sanremo, Italian Song Festival. Valerio Scanno took second place in 2008 and first in 2010 (Ray photo).

In her singing career, Valerio Scano He has appeared in several TV shows, including Bravo, Bravissimo by Mike Bongiorno, Amici, The Masked Singer, and Tale and Who Show. He also walked on the Ariston stage twice, winning the 2010 Festival sanremo with the song For all the times that.

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His career began in piano bars in the province of Sassari, where he was accompanied by a group that also included Baba. Scannu’s relationship with his mother has always been so strong, that in 2020, the news of his death was like “stabwho has not yet recovered.

Former winner Sanremo talks about his father’s disappearance

Christmas 2021: Valerio Scanu stands in front of the tree with the dog Jack (photo Instagram).
Christmas 2021: Valerio Scanu stands in front of the tree with the dog Jack (photo Instagram).

Valerio Scanno, singer and former winner of San Remo, was a guest of Today is another day, where he also listed the serious disappearance he suffered. The father contracted Covid, but he had no illnesses and was a healthy person. For this reason, no one does Worry From his hospitalization, which resulted in him being transferred several times to other hospitals.

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Suddenly, his condition deteriorated. in the evening of the day December 22, 2020 They called him from the hospital to inform him of the seriousness of the situation. Unfortunately, they called him again at 12:20 to inform him that he was in cardiac arrest. Scannu with bright, restless eyes: “I regret it don’t call him“.

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Here is a summary Video Who re-suggested an interview with Valerio Scanno for today is another day:

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