Tony Pons has improved his sales by 11% and is already earning double what he was three years ago

Tony Pons has improved his sales by 11% and is already earning double what he was three years ago

They have come from an “unusual” year and 2023 has improved his situation a little more. First, and most importantly, because the company succeeded Keep growing; Second, because it did so at a pace that made its managers feel more comfortable. Shoe company Toni Pons ended the year with a turnover of 32 million euros, 11% more than in 2022. This percentage is added to the 53% that included the signature in the previous year, and confirms a significant development Doubling the income generated by this Girona-based chain just three years ago.

“After these ratios, this is what we were looking for: growth is nice, but it strains resources, workflows, people… 2023 has been another year of structuring these ups and downs, instead of looking for clear growth,” reflects the company's CEO – And the son of its founder – Jordi Poncewhich can also celebrate another great event: that Private stores, one of the chain's big bets since the entrepreneur took over, now account for 30% of its sales.

Tony Pons Warehouse.

Where does this shoe company come from, known above all for its products sport shoes, is what they sell in third-party stores (those companies that sell shoes from many homes). The change is that although in other years this type of establishment represented 60% of its turnover and the rest was divided equally between the own store (20%) and online (20%), multi-brand establishments now account for 50% of its turnover. . income, compared to the 30% earned by Toni Pons' local brands. 2 out of every 10 euros continue to be entered electronically.

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Now, banner 40 institutions with their own brand, and more than half (23) of them are outside Spain in the form of concessions. They have stores in Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa or Dubai, which are the newest markets to consolidate.

“The big strength we have internationally is this product you can say about Origin label“It has an original recognition and prestige: it is true that at first it was considered an exotic product, but fortunately, people ended up appreciating the product and that means that its presence in this market is expanding,” he adds. This manager, which shows that about 70% of his income actually comes from outside Spain's borders.

“We are leaders in this category,” adds the businessman, who is focused on achieving similar successes to the rest of the products in his catalogue. For several years, Tony Bones has been making boots, socks, slippers for around the house and even children's shoes.

As for Jordi Ponce's plans for the company, that will happen this year Continue to open own brand stores Whether in countries where they are already present, or in markets where they are not yet present. In parallel, also boost sales in multi-brand and online channels.

“We intend to maintain the pace in 2023,” decides the CEO of a company that guarantees its health (that is, it makes money) and intends to continue developing in this way, always maintaining profitability. “” The ambition is to get this Sustainable and sustainable growth “To be able to guarantee good service and good quality without having to suffer: these ratios of around 10% are very good.”

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