Oriol Soler accuses Democratic Tsunami judge

Oriol Soler accuses Democratic Tsunami judge

The first public intervention is by businessman and publisher Oriol Soler, one of those investigated in the Democratic Tsunami of Terrorism case. Soler evaluated the summary “Surrealism” Investigating Judge Manuel Garcia Castellon was charged with the charge “Lack of intense concentration.” This came in an interview broadcast tonight on the program More 24/3Although he insisted that he did not want to talk about the instructions because what the judge wanted was for him to “live in an exceptional state.”

Soler's name came to the Central Investigative Court No. 6 of the National Court, in the hands of García Castellón, following the summary of Volhoff who runs the Investigative Court 1 of Barcelona, ​​the investigation for which he was arrested in October 2020. This case investigated the alleged civil conspiracy of the operation which became multi-causal with a separate piece On the Democratic Tsunami platform. Summary He seemed to be asleep in the National Court, but woke up days before the announcement of the agreement between Junts, ERC and PSOE that included the amnesty law.

Civil Guard in front of Oriol Soler's house on the day of his arrest in October 2020.

“I don't like to talk about it”

Soler explained that he “doesn't like” talking about the tsunami, not because it makes it “embarrassing”, but “because they want us to talk about it, and to be defensive.” “I live my political choice with the utmost normality because there are masters who want me to live it exceptionally.” In fact, he argued, he admitted he felt “extremely proud” to be tried for his convictions. Likewise, ironically, he denied being the “mind of the democratic tsunami.” “Do you think I'm a tsunami brain?” Grassett asked with a half-laugh, leaving it hanging in the air, like a rhetorical question.

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However, Soler placed his accusations in the context of “a country” where many people have suffered from accusations like these “for decades.” “I'm another one of those,” he said. He added that in this country, “you have to be a fighter” for many goals, such as language, culture or land. In any case, no charges were brought against him by the investigating judge, who said he “didn't seem very focused” and described the case as “surreal”.

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