AstraZeneca seeks profits from the vaccine: say goodbye to the pandemic

AstraZeneca seeks profits from the vaccine: say goodbye to the pandemic

The era of AstraZeneca distributing expensive vaccines is over. At the time of the announcement of its preparation, which was developed with Oxford University, the Anglo-Swedish multinational confirmed its intention to distribute the vials worldwide without profit until the epidemic continues. Now the pharmaceutical company believes that the global health emergency has become endemic, i.e. like the flu, which is why it is transmitting a reversal of the earnings trend.

AstraZeneca aims to make profits from vaccines: Reasons for change

“Covid is no longer a pandemic because the virus has become a pandemic” is how AstraZeneca prompted a change of strategy with a remark, deciding not to make deals to supply cheap vials (we talked about) Who is the).

According to data updated at the end of September, AstraZeneca distributed 1.5 billion doses of its vaccine globally a Price between 4 and 8 dollars per dose, which is the lowest of all Covid-19 vaccines and well under $19 for Pfizer or Moderna $30 (Who is the The hypothesis of discontinuation of this vaccine for those under the thirties in Germany and France).

The Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company, when releasing its earnings for the third quarter of the year, announced that it is planning for the near future “Modest profitability” thanks to new orders for the Vaxzevria vaccine.

AstraZeneca aims to monetize vaccines: Announcement

“We started without a profit to help weather the global health crisis, but We always said we’d move on to making a profit from the vaccine. It’s not something we think we’re making a huge profit from but the virus has become endemic, which means we have to learn to live with it,” explained CEO Pascal Soriot (Who is the Everything new in the third dose).

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However, the company’s CEO has no regrets about missing out on the opportunity to make a profit selling the vaccine right from the start.

“I do not regret it at all. We are proud as a company of the impact we have made: we have saved millions of people from hospitalization and death. The AstraZeneca team continues to do an amazing job,” added Suryot, emphasizing that Your product prices vary from country to country to continue to ensure access to the vaccine as much as possible for all (Who is the We talked about the new drug from the pharmaceutical company).

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