Corona virus: Delta variant lands

About 60% more infected than the alpha (British) variant, the delta variant was first identified in India and is now found in 74 countries. Guardian. The B.1.617.2 strain has been particularly high in the United States, China, a few African countries and the United Kingdom, where the situation has worsened in recent weeks.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to postpone the last phase of his restructuring plan from June 21 to July 19 in order to control his health condition. It now dominates the UK, with 96% variation in new cases.

“We know it’s very contagious, so there’s a high risk of catching it and a high risk of complications, so it’s implicitly very dangerous,” D said.r Alain Lamar, Professor and Researcher in Immunology and Virology for the National Scientific Research Institute (INRS).

Daily pollution cases in the UK have dropped from 2,000 to 7,000 in recent weeks, and hospital admissions are slowly increasing.

Despite the recent increase in cases, the death toll remains low in the country. “There are a lot of cases, but very few deaths, which is still reassuring,” the doctor notes.r Lamar recalls that the two-dose vaccine provides maximum protection against complications of the virus.

Two doses of the Pfizer / Bioendech or AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccines protect more than 90% against hospitalization after detecting a delta variant, British health officials said in a study released Monday.

“One dose is clearly not enough, which is about 33% protection for this variant. Having two doses is very important,” he said.r Lamar.

Currently, nearly 80% of adults in the UK have received the first dose of the vaccine, but only 57% have received both doses.

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One dose is clearly not enough, which is about 33% protection for this variant. It is very important to have both sizes.

Dominant strain

Scott Godlip, a former FDA boss, says that despite the declining COVID-19 cases in the United States, the delta variant will dominate the fall. “It’s now 10% of infections in the United States. It doubles every two weeks,” he said on the show. Face the nation CBS Sunday first.

The city of Guangzhou in southeastern China has also seen a rise in cases related to diversity. The city has isolated many neighborhoods, barred travel outside the city, and closed cinemas and other indoor entertainment venues.

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The Argentine government has also ordered new restrictions on international air traffic, fearing that variations, including the Delta, will enter the country. In early May, two people suffering from delta strain were found and isolated after boarding a flight from France into Argentina.

The new arrangements reduce air connectivity with Europe and suspend destinations such as Turkey and African countries. Only 7% of Argentina’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The first displays of the Delta variant were modeled in India in October 2020. World Health Organization officials called this a “worrying variant” on May 11.

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