Govit-19: There are 76 new cases and no additional deaths in Quebec

Quebec COVID-19 has 76 cases and no deaths, bringing the total to 376,416 * victims and 11,236 deaths.

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On Monday, the three-day count showed 239 infections and one death.

* 91 cases were withdrawn from the total case history, mainly in the Montreal region, due to updates of reported cases. This change caused a difference in the total number of people affected and the total number of people rescued.

Situation in Quebec on July 20, 2021

  • 376,431 affected (+76)
  • 11,236 deaths (-)
  • 77 hospitalized (-1)
  • 21 in intensive care (-2)
  • Withdrawals were 9,754 for a total of 11,008,585
  • Adds 83,673 levels to manage, or 82,153 in the last 24 hours to a total of 10,167,756 levels received in Quebec
  • Outside Quebec, a total of 32,201 sizes were delivered for a total of 10,199,957.
  • Listen to Alexandre Moranville-Ovelette’s analysis with Vincent Desuralt on QUB Radio:

More details to come …

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